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    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    Best to make Newcastle stadium all seater and get rid of the hills .
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    Refereeing The Magic Round sin bin directive

    You can sign this petition
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    2021 R12 Thu - Brisbane 12-40 Melbourne @ Suncorp

    Finucane must be the quickest player over 10 meters or Jake Turpin has the weakest pass. How else could you explain Finucane tackling a player just as he just gets the ball first off the ruck ? The ref thinks he is onside...
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    Refereeing The Magic Round sin bin directive

    This crackdown was suppose to reduce the # of HIAs... Fail.
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    The Game 2021 Crowd Watch

    Parra V Roosters will almost certainly sellout, the dodgy weather might affect the amount members turning out.
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    2021 R9 Thu - South Sydney 0-50 Melbourne @ Stadium Aus

    Benji has always been great at touch footy.
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    No team has ever won the premiership after conceding 50pts in a regular season match

    Well that was embarrassing for Benji.. How many tackles did he miss or was totally ineffective ?
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    Opinion Is Ricky Stuart the most overrated coach ever?

    When the NRL banned Moses they should have banned the company that he represents unless he removes himself from the company itself.
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    When will Cordner be forced into retirement ?

    and yet the Roosters have not signed a replacement...
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    Brett Morris - the most likeable player in the NRL era?

    Verrills, Radley and Keary were very similar ( changing direction whilst trying to stop), Both Collins and Morris were innocuous tackles where their legs got caught moving the wrong direction. Its one of those things nothing to do with speed of the game or the surface of the ground.
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    The Game 2021 Crowd Watch

    Should the Panthers move some games from BlueBet stadium ( 16K) to Bankwest (30 K) ?
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    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    I must say the light rail was fantastic getting a large crowd back and forth from Central to SCG On Anzac Day. I was at Central around 20 mins after the final whistle. A tram was running every 3 mins.
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    Opinion Is Ricky Stuart the most overrated coach ever?

    Stuart is a good coach , however his technique to motivate his teams has a limited life span.
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    Diving in the NRL.

    It also makes the Match Review Panel look stupid.
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    HIA - Storm find another way to rort the system

    Fine for Munster Fine the Storm for Grant's delayed HIA and suspend 2 competition points deduction. IE if it happens again they lose points.
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    jake friend

    A lasting memory of Jake Friend was the 2019 Grand Final coming on when Cooper Cronk was sent the bin and kept the middle intact allowing others to spread across the field to cover Cronk's loss. This was done still carrying injury which kept him out for weeks prior.
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    Warriors 3 2 1s

    3 SST 2 Liu 1 Teddy
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    2021 R3 Thu - Penrith 12-10 Melbourne @ BlueBet

    Melbourne depth is shockingly poor. They're a very average side without Grant and Finucane and now they have lost Kaufusi.
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    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    The Olympic soccer tournament will be across multiple cities... Might be a chance for the Homebush rebuild ?
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    anyone rememberer the league-a-thon from the 70`s-80`s

    There were rumors of Elvis being the entertainment, but he carked it.