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  1. Slippery Morris

    Rava being rubbed out

    Geez they really target the Saints and and picking on Rava? Saints should have challenged the other 2 as well as due to this he has a bad record. They could have easily got off the others as well but just took the early plea which came back to hurt them. If Kafusi can get off for not tripping...
  2. Slippery Morris


    I like how the Parra dude's deliberate knee to the head gets no ban. Wow. Apparently there is a crack down on head injuries yet that is ok?
  3. Slippery Morris

    Damned if you do and damned if you don’t

    Seeing they played on Monday and the team list is due Tuesday I think the copy and paste was inevitable. Too short a turnaround to assess the damage. I can see Lomax getting a start somewhere and maybe a few other changes. I thought Maguire and Tyrell would be back this week but it is next...
  4. Slippery Morris

    Jayden Sullivan

    Can't wait to see Sullivan play in the NRL again. Really made a huge impression last season against the Storm. Dean Young threw him into the fire up against the Storm and he handled it well having their big forwards run at him all game and only for him to set up a try after all the attention in...
  5. Slippery Morris

    Round 14 v Chi wow waaz

    Dogs always lift against Saints. If Saints go in with an attitude that this game will be a walk in the park, they will lose. The Dogs will pull all stops to stop Saints making a final and if taking 2 pts off them will make it happen they will defend like animals tomorrow. Saints will then start...
  6. Slippery Morris

    Watch the Ladder 2021

    Big 4 weeks which will decide the Dragons season I feel. If only they managed to beat Sharks or Tigers at least once each they would be equal closer to sealing a finals spot as they would have a 6pt buffer from 9th with the bye still to come.
  7. Slippery Morris

    Matt Dufty

    The fact no other clubs are rushing to sign Dufty is a huge red flag. If he is as good as a lot of the Dragons fans think he would have no issue finding a club. Looks like he may even end up in England. If he does he will become a superstar there.
  8. Slippery Morris

    The Rumours Thread

    The confusing thing in all this is they say Dufty is bad in defense and not in their plans for 2022 yet they continue to pick him. Why not put Ramsey on from now if he is their long term option? It is bizarre. I am thinking there is some slight chance that he may stay on as the coaching staff...
  9. Slippery Morris

    Tariq Sims

    Great game by Sims. Apart from 1 dropped ball he did a lot of great stuff last night and was one of the best forwards on the field.
  10. Slippery Morris


    Both Rava's shoulder charges were around the waist no way near the opponents head and Saints did not fight the cause which was dumb as he now has 2 charges which as a Saints player is 500% loading. Anyone else is a 1% loading.
  11. Slippery Morris

    Brett Morris retires

    Thanks for the great memories BMoz and boy did you provide us plenty. I hope you enjoy your retirement and all the best for the future. We were blessed to have 2 phenomenal wingers line up at the same time in Nighty and BMoz. Good to see them win a GF together.
  12. Slippery Morris

    Matt Dufty

    If you watch the Panthers v Tigers game Daine Laurie (1st year in NRL) stopped about 3 certain tries. I have not paid that much attention to fullbacks defending since this Dufty thing. Daine stopped 1 where he ran from 1 side of the field to the other to end up in a position to bat a ball back...
  13. Slippery Morris

    The Rumours Thread

    I like JP as he tries his heart out. He will be a good fit at the Bronco's. Saints have way to many junior backs coming through so makes sense. JP will get more first grade there than at Saints that is for sure by the looks of things.
  14. Slippery Morris

    Round 13 v The Stone Poneys

    Last night's game showed how bad a team the Bronco's really are. Wow. Saints played well but Brisbane did not really put up too much of a fight. And they scored 4 tries which is probably all from the 4 times they were in the Dragons 20. Saints were Good don't get me wrong but need to build on...
  15. Slippery Morris

    Matt Dufty

    Don't the Commentators on Fox like rubbing it in about Dufty not being wanted. Wow. I heard it way too many times and the more you hear it the more frustrating it is. He had a blinder but Brisbane were very poor. Against the better sides will be the test for Dufty. I think Saints are crazy to...
  16. Slippery Morris

    Matt Dufty

    How strange selecting Dufty when he was told he was not wanted for 2022? Or was he? This just shows that there still could be some chance he will remain a Dragon beyond 2021.Hook must have still some faith in the guy to pick him. I believe Alex Johnson copped the same treatment at Souths last...
  17. Slippery Morris


    This is when Saints Management should be jumping up and down at the obvious bias and asking for a please explain. There were so many worse incidents last weekend which did not get no way near the treatment Saints players copped. I have not heard or seen one Senior member of the Dragons board...
  18. Slippery Morris

    The Rumours Thread

    I think everyone got the memo except for the Dragons as they have been hit much harder than the others. V'Landys was on a good thing until the crackdown. It really is the only wrong thing he has done. The speeding of the game rules he more or less introduced prior the season kick off and there...
  19. Slippery Morris


    Well what do you know, in all his press conferences where he was saying the JDB case will not impact the season he was clearly lying. Deep down he was thinking, we are screwed here as I have no plan B. Which is what we all assumed or should I say knew at the time as we had no faith in a coach...
  20. Slippery Morris

    2021 - Squad, Signings, Re-signings

    I hope he does not get extra attention by the refs or should I say bunker when he resumes and he gets a fair go. As we can now see, there is no consistency in the game when it comes to sin bins, suspensions and the review committee. What 1 player does in not treated the same as others that is...