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    Future Immortal

    Needs to win a comp dominate in origin and grab a dally m to be considered an immortal.
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    Round 10 panthers v titans

    Magic more like tragic round sin bins send off's on report what a joke.Fancy denying us the try of the yr for an elbow to the chest.
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    Round 9 vs Sharks

    Sorensen has been very impressive strong runs and hits hard in defence.
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    General Discussion Thread

    Maguire took over from Ivan he sold himself to the tigers board and said he could turn the club around.Hes had 3 yrs and all he has done is bought has beens and rejects and now the club has gone backwards.So what's his excuse oh this is Ivan's fault please turn it up madge the players don't want...
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    Round 7 Vs Knights

    Eisenhuth is a waste in the top 17 he needs to go give Sorensen a run.Kenny has done well but geez I miss Koroisau.Edwards was good tonight apart from that miss on the knights winger.
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    NSW Cup Vs Dragons.

    Hope blacker keeps it up and can take eisenhuths spot in 1st grade.Tago has been our best in nsw cup but I bet cleary picks naden to cover momirovski.
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    Rd.6 v Broncos

    I thought we got outmuscled in the forwards last night bigtime.Momirovski as good a defender as he is needs to take the blinkers off mate you got one of the fastest players in the nrl outside you and you don't pass.Chrichton lucky we won the last 2 games or your fullback days are over too slow...
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    Rd.6 v Broncos

    Our pack is too small with kiks leota and fish off at the same time
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    Rd.6 v Broncos

    Put chrichton back to centre and move Burton to fullback asap.
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    Round 5 vs the Raiders

    Burton is good at centre but would be even better at fullback.Imagine a spine of 1.burton 6.luai 7.cleary 9.Koroisau it's the best in the comp bar storm.Burton has the all round game good under high ball speed defence ball skills and ( URGENCY).
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    Round 5 vs the Raiders

    All the 91 winning team will be there bar barwick who's in the UK.The boys will lift I'm predicting Penrith 13+ in front of a bumper parochial crowd.
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    Rumoured & Confirmed Signings - Part 5

    I'm sure blacker can't be that bad a prop just takes the ball up forward.Wait till the dragons get a taste of Billy butter fingers burns then we will see who got dud deal.
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    Round 5 vs the Raiders

    Chrichton fullback again cmon man Burton could be a real x factor at the back.
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    Round 5 vs the Raiders

    Hopefully we see this in 1st grade Burton Staines monirovski chrichton too luai cleary yeo kikau capewell fisher Harris Kenny leota leniu may martin eisenhuth.
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    Round 5 vs the Raiders

    Can't see naden coming in at the moment Burton and momirovski both playing well.
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    Round 4 Vs Manly

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    Round 4 Vs Manly

    Staines looked like papynhusen,he is our future fullback.Maybe Edwards could go to the wing good under high ball and can bend the line.
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    Round 4 Vs Manly

    Chrichton too slow at the back.Better defending up in the line giving Burton more room to move at the back.
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    Round 4 Vs Manly

    Swap Burton and chrichton.
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    Round 4 Vs Manly

    Playing away from home you don't want too many changes to the starting line-up.For mine it's Burton to fullback the rest of the side stays the same.