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  1. parra-matters

    Rumours and Stuff

    Smith won't go to the Broncos, they are a mess at present and even him playing there won't lift them to the finals as the forward pack is poo. Titans on the other look like they have a finals team already, Add Smith and they are a threat to the premiership. If you were Smith and had 1 or 2...
  2. parra-matters

    2021 Jersey and merchandise

    Word of advice, check the size chart or try on before buying. The sizing is way smaller than the ISC stuff from last year, I had to go up 2 sizes in the Warm up tee.
  3. parra-matters

    Rd7: Parra v Canberra GAME DAY thread (27/6/20)

    Been saying it for like 3 years now, Raiders are the biggest Grubs in the NRL. Pretty much have been since Sticky went there.
  4. parra-matters

    Rd3: Parra v Brisbane GAME DAY thread 28/5/20

    Footy is back Bitches!
  5. parra-matters

    2020 NRL Nines February 14-15

    Club cricket is getting ruined by all the new safety rules, all batsmen to wear to wear helmets or they can't bat, keepers up to the stumps have to wear them as well. They will be enforced next season australia wide. there will be a lot of older players who will walk away from the game because...
  6. parra-matters

    2020 NRL Nines February 14-15

    Sportsbet has us $5 favorites to win the 9's. Get on it!
  7. parra-matters

    Parramatta Leagues Club board sacked, administrator appointed

    Can actually vote this time, so lets get these reforms through, vote for the reform. Is that correct?
  8. parra-matters

    Rumours and Stuff

    according to the SMH, Matterson is now free to negotiate with other clubs, didn't take long for the Tigers to cave in.
  9. parra-matters

    Rumours and Stuff

    So is it Josh Jackson the edge player we are chasing?
  10. parra-matters

    Parra Podcasts

    Parrapodcast is still going guys, sorry i haven't been posting been busy with local radio and packing up to move house. I'll try to remember to put links when i can. here is the link to last weeks-
  11. parra-matters

    Rumours and Stuff

    media protecting their sources as player managers is where they get the majority of their info from.
  12. parra-matters

    Rd 9: Parramatta v Storm LIVE GAME DAY Thread 11th May 2019

    Finally recovered enough from my trip to Magic Round to talk about it. Bankwest is better than Suncorp in my opinion. I knew it was going to be a shit performance as soon as they came out onto the field at the start of the game, they just wandered out with no energy. Body Language was very...
  13. parra-matters

    Rumours and Stuff

    I heard the offer still stands for 2020 onwards for Gurgess. We have plenty of cap space next year just got to extend Gutho, Moses and few others and Re-sign BA.
  14. parra-matters

    ROLL CALL - Bankwest Stadium Opening April 22 - EELS v Tigers

    I got a GA membership for my son and I this year and will be coming down for this game. Missed the 1986 opening of Parra Stadium but got there later in the year to checkout, not missing this opening match and my nearly 12 yr old with have the memory of a lifetime from the opening match.
  15. parra-matters

    Rumours and Stuff

    Emma is giving him the finger, have a look at her hand that is resting on her knee. She is flipping him the bird.!
  16. parra-matters

    Rumours and Stuff

    Alvaro and Mannah did it a lot last season so much so you would have to say it is coached into them.
  17. parra-matters

    Rumours and Stuff

    no harm in trying, money talks.
  18. parra-matters

    Rumours and Stuff

    thats just poor coaching IMO and we did that all last year ran forwards on tackle 4 it's dumb.
  19. parra-matters

    Rumours and Stuff

    If Storm really need cap space that's where i would be looking, NAS anyone??