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    Your not the only one that has seen this .the game is dying a slow death.try betting on the game .sin bins ,send offs .diving for a penalty.they are losing a lot of punters also .
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    Round 15 vs Raiders

    Shit win against a another shit side .dont get to excited.
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    Round 15 vs Raiders

    At least we are consistent
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    Round 14 v Chi wow waaz

    That is pathetic
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    New rule

    All the people who said V’landys was the greatest thing since sliced bread must be shaking there heads now .both rules this idiot has brought in are making this game unbearable to watch.he ruined harness racing in nsw.and is in the process of doing the same to league and racing .
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    we are NOT the Real Deal!!

    Will not be a top 8 side until 2023 hopefully.anyone who thinks otherwise is dreaming.sorry
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    How long before we are a Premiership team

    5 to 7 much damage done from the last 2 so called coaches.will take a while before any good players want to play for us .our juniors hopefully can fill the void .
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    R5 eels

    Would love to be a fly on the wall at mcidiots house.
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    R5 eels

    You must be close to duffty didn’t know he had long balls .
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    2020 Dragons season review

    We started shit .finished shit .had one good game between shit ,but overall we was shit .the board reviewed our shit and came to the conclusion that once we pissed some shit off we was still shit .even with some new shit ,so now it has advised the fans that we need some new shit .to complement...
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    How did we let this happen?

    Can someone please explain to me what drangonsfooty is .
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    Sack Dean Young

    I can’t believe he got a interview for the position.and he thought he interviewed well .please dean go into the real world and see how life is .
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    Best and worst commentator?

    Any one on Fox.
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    Fowards Impact.

    WE HAVE forwards ????????
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    Round 16 vs Titans

    pathetic.just let them run .dont tackle.just rest up in the in goal boys .you are all useless
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    Round 16 vs Titans

    Imagine if mcdingdong was coaching
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    Sack mcgregor

    Have a case of beer a pizza and just hope they lose again to send mcdingdong out the way he should be used to .only problem I have will be listening to his post match interview.who will he throw under the bus this time
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    He's gone

    Thank god .
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    Player swap Norman for Widdop

    So we take a couple of step back before we go forward.didnt he leave because he missed home .
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    Sack mcgregor

    Wasn’t hooper quoted as saying mcnoidea had to win a certain amount of his remaining games to keep his job .does anyone know what the ratio was hooper quoted.and where does it stand at the moment.