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    Refereeing The Magic Round sin bin directive Didn't know where else to post this but thought it would be of interest to some.
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    Round 13 vs. St George Illawarra Dragons Discussion

    Isaako needs to have a line put through his name for good. He has one good game every year, which seems to make up for the terrible, basic errors he makes every other game. Send him to Q cup, never to return. Kelly and Mead have been made the most of their chances and have shown promise.
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    Origin 1 at Melbourne Covid Ground

    Play in the afternoon at Eden Park in Auckland. Makes as much sense as playing it in Melbourne.
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    News Jamil Hopoate arrested, charged

    He and his father are F***wits. End Thread.
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    Refereeing The Magic Round sin bin directive

    I agree. There is a difference between having a fast game and one that flows. 30 years ago without the bunker, without shot clocks, the game just flowed. They had proper scrums which they packed and got the ball back into play in less time than it takes for professionals today.
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    Six Again / Rule Changes

    Yep. That comes back to the refs unfortunately.
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    Six Again / Rule Changes

    I’d still prefer they blow a penalty as they used to, and non offending team has three options: 1. Tap kick and restart the tackle count. 2. Kick for touch, with no restart of the count. 3. Kick at goal. This would allow everybody to see what the penalty was for, and would even out the...
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    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    Christchurch Bears. Red and Black. Synergy with the Crusaders and no doubt will have a fan base in Sydney that would support them.
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    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    I would have thought a second NZ team would be better placed in a different city, and the warriors could revert back to being Auckland. Hopefully jump on the back of rivalries that are already in place.
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    NRL two conferences

    Using my "glass half full" thinking, one positive could be that increase in Sydney derbies should increase crowds, which in turn would strengthen the NRL's case for government investment in suburban grounds. If they make the finals series the top four from each conference, and seed them 1-8 on...
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    News 18th man??

    The sharks were very unfortunate, no doubt. I'd like to wait and see how often this situation occurs though before adding an extra man to the bench.
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    News 18th man??

    I voted no. Coaches might need to rethink their interchanges and keep a few up their sleeve for later in the game.
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    Six Again / Rule Changes

    Penalties should be kick for touch - tackle count doesn't restart, or tap and go for 6 again. That way you would also stop the cynical penalties we are getting on tackle one where players will lie on the ball carrier and give away 6 again, which in effect is only one extra tackle. It would...
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    The Game 2021 Jerseys, Sponsorship, Logos etc

    I admit I didn’t like the Parra jersey when they first released it. But after seeing it on field it looks good. Simple, clean and distinctive.
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    The Game Jerseys, Logos, Mock Ups, Photos ANYTHING

    Nice Storm Kits.
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    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    Fair enough, but a new team in Melbourne would also want to make itself as accessible to as many people as possible. Anyway, it's not something likely to happen in the next 20 years.
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    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    Possibly. But I would think if a second Melbourne team ever came in they would just use AAMI park. Melbourne keeps banging on about how their public transport system all feeds into their sporting precinct that I don't think a team based out of a ground out in the suburbs would work.
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    The Game Jerseys, Logos, Mock Ups, Photos ANYTHING

    Very Nice. Would love a new NRL team to use the template of the red and white jersey, but with dark green and white.
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    News 2021 NRL rule changes

    Yep, touch it with the foot, play on. No touch - handover. Simple.