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  1. J

    Winningest and least winningest

    Off season thread alert. When doing supercoach research I clicked on Sam Stone for stats and found an interesting one. In 26 games, for 2 clubs over 3 years he was only played in the winning team 3 times. About 11% win rate by my count. Now that will probably level out over time but it got me...
  2. J

    PM XIII - Fiji V Australia, Suva All 4 teams announced. From the lack of names I recognise it looks like Fiji has gone with a domestic side.
  3. J

    PMXIII 2019 - Fiji According to that from Meninga the PMXIII are playing fiji in Suva this year.
  4. J

    Boxed in, on street parking.

    So recently got back from a few days holidays to find one of our cars in on street parking has been "boxed in" by both the car in front and car behind parking too closely. Just wondering if people have had experience with this situation and what the best solution was/is. As it happens it...
  5. J

    The mandatory 'what now?' Thread.

    Ok, so World Cup is done & dusted. An equal balance of negatives and positives for me. Most negatives can mainly be put down to the fact that a lot of NRL fans aren't really fans of the game in general but their NRL clubs. Plenty of positives though with potential for big things with all the...
  6. J

    'Tier 1' - How does a country make the step up?

    With recent and potential upcoming results, is there any indication on how any country and can be officially switched from tier 2 to 1 with Aus, NZ & England? All potential candidates have strengths and weaknesses but how will it be decided if a country is ever to make the step up? Results are...
  7. J

    Toronto and potential for an NRL replica

    News in the Northern hemisphere that Montreal and possibly New York are looking to join Toronto in the English system very soon. From an NRL point of view, how should the sport be looking at this and any potential similar ambitious consortiums located within striking distance of Australia? If...
  8. J

    The French show their ambitions A little hard to make out the full extent of it all with google translate. But from what I can tell there are some ambitious plans in the for the FFRXIII. Highlights (from what I can tell and from what I've read on TRL) Season January to July Then a...
  9. J

    Challenge Cup 2017

    Couldn't see a thread, in to round 4 with one amatuer clubs remaining and all Championship teams entering this weekend. So far: London Broncos 26 - 30 Toronto Wolfpack Dewsbury 36 - 8 Newcastle This weekend: Oldham V Haydock Toulouse V Batley Swinton V London Skolars Barrow V Keighley...
  10. J

    Starting the NRL season in the UK/Europe

    Just floating the idea, but would it be an option to open the NRL season in UK or Europe featuring 2 clubs involved in the WCS? I am a big believer that RL clubs should be seriously looking at growing their brands Internationally. As far as NRL goes UK is the second biggest RL market but would...
  11. J

    NRL - International round

    Probably a crazy idea, but just a thought. With more and more sports and teams looking to grow their brand internationally and it being easier than ever should the NRL get on board and inteoduce an "International Round"? So basically all games played outside of Australia with a limit of 2 games...
  12. J

    Montreal, Philadelphia, Russia Not much substance but quotes direct from the RFL's Ralph Rimmer. Seems to suggest there may have been interest shown in joining the UK system by Montreal (already well publicised) but also...
  13. J

    Ideal NRL & 2nd tier expansion in the medium term.

    Off season thread alert! What are people's thoughts/ideas on where the NRL and Rugby League in Aus/NZ/Pacific should be heading in terms of expansion? And what is your ideal scenario in 10-20 years time? I'll kick it off I guess.. NRL Current 16 + Perth, Brisbane 2, NZ2, Adelaide "Adoption...
  14. J

    Setting up RLIF Junior Tournaments

    I know junior World Cups idea has been done before, but well it's off-season so.. Moving forward, I really think one of the best investments the RLIF could make would be setting up a structure for junior Internationals. Getting the best worldwide youngsters on show could be key to getting more...
  15. J

    Creating an annual Pacific Cup in 2 simple steps

    So I know the whole mid-year rep period idea has been done to death. Most people are all for more regular and meaningful games for all nations but they stumbling block seems to be NRL cooperation and just how much they'll truly "allow". How about this for an idea for a short, sharp Pacific Cup...
  16. J

    France V England - Avignon, Oct 22 France name 20 man squad. Not too bad, a few key players missing, but hopefully they can restore a bit of pride at the very least. Shane they aren't playing more games this year. Fages allegedly in...
  17. J

    South Africa '17, England/USA '21 - The failed bids, the backup plan.

    A few years back when the 2017 WC bids were being considered South Africa were the ultimate underdogs and it appeared nobody took the bid that seriously. Just recently on a USA 21 bid discussion I read from someone that saw an in depth presentation on the SA17 bid and how strong it actually was...
  18. J

    PMXIII Game - Time for a rethink?

    I think this game is a great annual fixture but I think it needs a bit of a rethink. From PNG's point of view it's likely the Hunters will be going deep in the finals with some regularity for years to come, add to that 1/4 of the NRL clubs and all SL clubs were still playing this last weekend...
  19. J

    RLWC '17 Qualifiers - Europe

    Couldn't see a thread for general news, build up, chatter etc about the Euro Qualifiers at the end of the year.. so here it is! Russia name train on squad: No heritage players but some of those club names are huge, didn't know clubs like CSKA and Lokomotiv ran RL teams...
  20. J

    Very interesting interview with Wales RL CEO

    Found this elsewhere and thought it deserved it's own thread, very interesting and in depth read on the state of the game in Wales from the WRL CEO.

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