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    Canterbury Cup and Jersey Flegg

    Timm nor Clune nor Kerr have made any calls on there futures waiting to see what management comes in
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    Flanno assistant coach,,...?

    Love to see us move on Ben hunt and sign his son a lot cheaper and a very good game manager I know he signed with the roosters but that means nothing. Also wouldn’t want Fifita anywhere near the dragons unless it’s David from Brisbane
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    Rabbits/Broncos, Bennett/Seibold

    Guess we’ll find out next year I’m guessing Brisbane will be on top 4
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    Rabbits/Broncos, Bennett/Seibold

    Seibold is an amazing coach his got rid of the Bennett support club n players next season he will do big things
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    Sims vs Papalii incident

    But he also has loading points and a history of some charge last year
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    Sims vs Papalii incident

    Sims wasn’t charged for late it was the contact with the head
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    Sims vs Papalii incident

    Now I’m not saying I think Papalii should be suspended but I didn’t think sims should of either. Papalii also has loading points So in fairness to all he has to be suspended for the sake of consistency ?
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    The Rumours Thread

    I really hope your right really value friz
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    Who Are The SGI Board Members?

    Dumb and dumber and a few puppets
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    Jack bird??

    Prob just by title all he will be is a puppet and till flanno is allowed to be head coach
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    I’m out!

    Hopefully some good news that mcpuppet has Phil or Shane incharge next year we can all hope
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    Jack bird??

    Demanding five eight of fullback hahaha move along jack your a centre and maybe a lock
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    The Rumours Thread

    Just a rumour but could be a lot more to it not sure at this stage everyone being very tight lipped which is never a good sign
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    The Rumours Thread

    Frizz already released and signed by parramatta just waiting for the right time to announce don’t wanna upset the fans my gues Then again f**k the fans
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    The club is choosing McGregor over Frizell

    Hasn’t it been rumoured that he has already been released and signed by parramatta pretty sure it’s not a rumour
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    Jack bird??

    I reckon he will be a good buy on the right money can play centre lock and five-eight think he will actually be amazing for us
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    One Question to ask Mary

    What colour are you painting Kogarah next year black white and blue or red and white ?
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    Players let go by other clubs.

    Think it’s more to do with this amazing review .... and no one knows f**k all about the review and what it holds doesn’t hold in it
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    Nrl chokers

    I think the worst not one of

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