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  1. Delboy

    Rd15: Parra v Bulldogs GAME DAY thread @ BankWest Stadium 20/6/21

    couple of things, just watched the pressers and the losing coach complained that they were pumped with penalties 4-1 and 6 agains 8-2. I was at the game and though they should have been higher as their tactic was to give away 6 agains early to reset their defence, and as for offsides and forward...
  2. Delboy

    Rd15 2021: Non Parra games (Beanie for brain cancer round)

    True, doesn’t alter the fact that the Roosters media junkies thought it was the right thing until it impacted on the Roosters. That’s so obvious and another reason to see the media as hacks, along with the puffed up coach.🙄
  3. Delboy

    2021 R15 Sat - Newcastle 10-6 Warriors @ McDonald Jones

    So entering the officials room at half time, complaining in the presser that Tedesco needs to be properly protected as the best player in the game from high tackles no matter the reason. Like Bwaif, it’s all good until it impacts the Roosters
  4. Delboy

    2021 R15 Fri - Penrith 38-12 Sydney @ BlueBet

    Talk about karma, the Tedesco rule brought in to protect the falling Teddy, bites the Roosters. A bad rule is a bad rule, and that ladies and gentlemen is a bad rule. Doesn’t take into account the actual falling player.
  5. Delboy

    2021 R15 Fri - North Qld 24-26 Cronulla @ QCBS

    The Tedesco rule again is an issue, where was Robson tackling, below the chest in reality and the player lowered himself.
  6. Delboy

    Eels in the media

    Buzz stated that after impressive performances in reserve grade , Fergo should be selected back in NRL. That just confirms he’s a mouthpiece as he obviously didn’t watch the games, he basically is an embarrassment in the media generally.
  7. Delboy

    2021 R14 Sun - Parramatta 40-12 Wests Tigers @ Bankwest

    Thanks, were you singing Sweet Caroline with the rest of the crowd, might have made the afternoon more enjoyable for you.
  8. Delboy

    Rd14: Parra v Tigers GAME DAY THREAD @ BankWest Stadium 13/6/21

    That’s what I added, still doesnt excuse the useless bunker . Having said that, both sets of fans think Atkins and Perenara are a pile of poo tickets for want of a better description.
  9. Delboy

    2021 R14 Sun - Parramatta 40-12 Wests Tigers @ Bankwest

    Madge complained that he had 3 tries scored against his team when they had 12 on the field, strangely never mentioned the opposition had 12 players for almost 20 minutes. Seems excuses the norm for Tigpies, but they do have Brooks leading the way on the field.
  10. Delboy

    Rd14: Parra v Tigers GAME DAY THREAD @ BankWest Stadium 13/6/21

    Not excusing Papalili, what he did was stupid and deserved a binning , but should not have been an issue.
  11. Delboy

    Rd14: Parra v Tigers GAME DAY THREAD @ BankWest Stadium 13/6/21

    If that moron in the bunker called the elbow to the head on RCG, then even the idiot Atkins would have given a penalty at least and Papali’i most likely wouldnt have felt the need to exact some sort of revenge. Atkins/Perenara what could go wrong 🥴
  12. Delboy

    2021 R14 Sat - Canberra 38-16 Brisbane @ GIO

    The bunker rules a send off when the player falls headlong and the opposing player braces for impact. That was a crazy ruling.
  13. Delboy

    Rumours and Stuff

    One thing the Riff have covered is the attendance of selectors at Div 1 age group games. I managed Div U15 and U16s until this year, and at every game, rain, hail and shine, selectors attended , took photos of the team sheets, asked about any new players and provided some feedback on how they...
  14. Delboy

    Rumours and Stuff

    A couple of major issues in our own backyard, Blacktown Patrician Bros has Penrith junior recruitment heavily involved, we have just started to make inroads, but their sportmaster is ex Riff so they tend to be favoured.Even worse is Westfields Sports, where we lost our grip about 8 years ago...
  15. Delboy

    Rd13: Parra v Knights GAME DAY THREAD 6/6/21

    Bwaif at h/t is starting to rival Gus and Brandy as an absolute dribbler. Having said that, Hooper just phoned in and said hold my beer.
  16. Delboy

    Rumours and Stuff

    In the official team list , Grant is the starting 9, and Reed is listed as no 19. Injuries may play a part, so if all clear we may have some luck.
  17. Delboy

    Rumours and Stuff

    Now that Reed is 19th man for Qld, can he play agst Newcastle, not sure of th rules on this
  18. Delboy

    Rd12: Parra v Souths GAME DAY THREAD @ Stadium Australia 29/5/21

    As i stated , it’s been obvious as even junior league coaches can’t believe how we line up and space and defend. Poorly coached and understood, about time it was called out for what it is by someone that is respected.
  19. Delboy

    Rd12: Parra v Souths GAME DAY THREAD @ Stadium Australia 29/5/21

    Dean Pay has been with the club without any success, that’s also a big NO
  20. Delboy

    Rd12: Parra v Souths GAME DAY THREAD @ Stadium Australia 29/5/21

    First year in about 35 not been involved in junior league, still getting messages from coaches bemoaning the structure of the beloved Eels. Last year they were saying the same , how easy it would be to coach against the Eels and the way the play. If it’s not going to change, then as there...

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