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    Non Penrith games

    True, neither are vital members of the squad. But Eisenhuth has been starting for a while and the Storm’s depth will start to be tested with K and S Bromwich also out. Brenko Lee will likely come in for R Smith but has been playing Q Cup, so Bellamy clearly rates R Smith higher than him.
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    Non Penrith games

    Looks like medium term injuries for Eisenhuth and R. Smith. Probably will both be missing when we play the Storm.
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    New stadium - 2025

    I confess I have mixed feelings about this, and if anything would prefer that it didn’t happen. The thing I love most about Penrith Park is the atmosphere. Even with 13-14,000 people it has an incredible atmosphere. That’s something that has kept me coming there for many years even when we were...
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    Mighty pennies v the tigpies

    I have been wondering the same thing. I am not sure. I assume he probably can’t because if he gets injured he won’t be available as 18th man (and the 18th man might now need to play). I hope I am wrong and he is available for this week but my understanding is that he probably isn’t.
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    Round 12 V Dogs

    The other thing that raises doubts in my mind about Barrett's head coaching credentials is his recruitment. He is going all out spending big money signing backs, when I don't think the Dogs backs are really their problem. It is their forwards. Their pack just gets completely dominated every...
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    Round 12 V Dogs

    Deleted - sorry just saw it was already answered above
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    Round 12 V Dogs

    Definitely anyone who is carrying a niggle shouldn’t play this week. If Edward’s hamstring is even slightly suspect he shouldn’t be coming back, nor should Leota.
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    Round 11 vs the Rabbitohs

    Was a cracking game in Cup.
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    Rumoured & Confirmed Signings - Part 5

    Slightly off topic, but I also suspect later in his career as he loses a bit of speed and agility, Kikau will move into the middle. He started out his career there in reserve grade. I could see him being a very good prop.
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    Round 10 panthers v titans

    Agree, that is really my biggest concern. Apparently the ground was ripped up badly by the Super Rugby Grand Final the week before. We have been blessed on the injury front to players like Cleary, Luai, Fish, Yeo and To'o so far. I would hate for any of them to suffer an ACL injury in that...
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    Round 9 vs Sharks

    That was my guess too. Doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense otherwise. If it was to give him a rest he doesn’t play this week at all. Ivan also has a tendency to stick with the same side week in week out unless something has happened to justify a change.
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    Round 9 vs Sharks

    Thanks, I missed that
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    Round 9 vs Sharks

    Lindsay Smith also not named in NSW Cup. Is he injured?
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    Round 9 vs Sharks

    From their team of last week, Braden Hamlin-Uele is also injured (and has been very good for them off the bench). Their team is only weaker than the team that lost last week. Very hard to see them matching it with us. Like others have said, the first half might end up being close, but I...
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    Round 8 vs The Silvertails (Manly)

    May is also the reason we won the Storm game after Edwards went off injured. He made a try saving tackle on our line. There is a good chance that even Edwards wouldn’t have made that tackle if he was still on the field.
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    Round 8 vs The Silvertails (Manly)

    It was said tongue in cheek. But there is little doubt that Origin risks seriously disrupting our premiership chances this year. And I don't just mean the games where our players are missing. I am also concerned about the prospect of injuries during Origin (I recall Cleary suffering a serious...
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    The Game 2021 Judiciary Charges

    Our panel members played 1000 games in an area with no HIA rules and are all suffering from various degrees of CTE.
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    Round 8 vs The Silvertails (Manly)

    I hope none of our Penrith players get picked, so that our season suffers from as little disruption as possible.
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    Round 7 Vs Knights

    Something to remember here too is that with the faster game, once there is fatigue in the opposition it is becoming less important who is playing in the middle. Once the Knights started to get tired they had no line speed so it was easy for TMay to make 10 metres a carry even without bending...