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    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    Sharks won't get 5 bucks towards a upgrade being a privately owned stadium. Not 1 cent off taxpayers money will be spent there. So stay in your little suburban ground an get left behind an die a slow but quick financial death.
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    The Game 2021 Crowd Watch

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    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    Last time i looked at the league ladder don't remember seeing Liverpool in the top 8 or even making the semi,s in the next 30 years. So Bankwes,t out Kogarah way. 35.000 CAPICITY.
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    Jack De Belin

    The Nrl dont wont DeBelin in the semis this year. that is the conspirciary. bring in icac an sports gambeling.
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    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    Will Kogarah Jubilee be a full knockdown an rebuilt like bankwest, or just replacing hill areas with new stands
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    Cody Ramsey

    he Chris Johns went to the broncos, an Tallis also, like Mick Oconnor to manly. we keep handing premierships to our opposition
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    WA- did we miss the boat ?

    Perth Reds had a spot in the Nswrl. Invited to play but jumped into the superleague bed 12 months later. Backstabbed the Nswrl an got what they desevre. well Rupert f**ked them off real quick. judas at its best.
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    Sharks moving to Kogarah

    looks like 3 new stadiums. no mention shark park but 300million on kogarah penrith an manly. hahahaahah
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    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    6 bankwest 6 new sydney football stadium.
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    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

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    Widdop is Returning to NRL

    widdup if only norman can be off loaded 1 year deal only.
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    Sharks moving to Kogarah

    40 million is more delusional bullshit. not long ago had to have chook raffles to pay players. late 1990s
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    Sharks moving to Kogarah

    so were is the proof Kogarah has been all but canned plz. no where, propaganda from sharks fans as usual. Sharks will eventually die a slow death or have to relocate.
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    Rnd 1 - Away at Home

    hope dragons come 1st all year in the good foxtel an kayo timeslots an broncos get wooden spoon again in the best timeslots. up yours channel nine
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    Restructured Television Deal in light of Covid 19

    NRLA Should invest in stadiums. Offer the Govermeant rent free stadiums parra etc
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    i have a nightmare that the roosters sign aitken in round 3 this year an the dragons make the grandfinal an lose to the roosters as aitken is announce as the clive churchill medal winner for scoring 3 tries in the grandfinal. roosters 28 dragons 26. hopefully it wasnt a dream
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    Easts Tigers Enter Expansion Race

    Brisbane Tigers would be a great brand in Brisbane. A great following all they have to do is Demerge the West Tigers an create the Brisbane Tigers a big following in Brisbane an Sydney. Alas the WESTERN SUBURBS MAGPIES ARISE FROM THE ASHES. Like Balmain are broke an all, an dont contribute money...
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    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    Nothing wrong with Newcastle,s stadium all fairly new. Was design an built to eventually put new stands at each end behind the goalposts. So it can be turned into a 40,000 seat stadium. Thats always been the long turn plan. Only thing stopping it from happening is Nsw, begins in Sydney an ends...

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