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  1. J

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    Offers nothing materially more than Trindall. Stick to what you have imo. You're probably just one game changing forward away from dominating.
  2. J

    Team List Tuesday - Week 2 finals - Eels v Panthers (and Ivan)

    I like this. But I reckon we'll see Smith swap with Stone and Lane swap with Cartwright. If Paulo gets suspended it will be an absolute joke. The incident was nothing, he just stood their whilst the Newcastle player bounced into his shoulder as he was being tackled.
  3. J

    Team List Tuesday: Rnd 25 v Panthers (Friday 3rd Sept) - Who Will BA Rest?

    Two backs on the bench? halves combo of Arthur and Smith? This should be our side in the elimination final. On a serious note, I wish BA stopped trying to make Oldfield a thing.
  4. J

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    Napa would be a good signing from an experience point of view as both Woods and I assume Tolman will be gone (plus who knows how many games Fifita will play in his last season)
  5. J

    Player Votes V. Cowpats

    3. Moses 2. Makatoa 1. Waqa
  6. J

    Teamlist Tuesday Rnd 23 vs Cowboys | Saturday 21/8 @ 7.30pm

    Payten also picked Grenville at fullback when he’s never played there before. Similar to when our master coach picked Sandow at fullback. It must be in the baldness
  7. J

    Bronson Garlick

    He’s a journeyman reserve grader. Storm have a habit of turning those types into solid bench forwards, so won’t be surprised if this is the case here (Chris Lewis being the most recent example)
  8. J

    Teamlist Tuesday Rnd 23 vs Cowboys | Saturday 21/8 @ 7.30pm

    Penisini needs to be persevered with. Has the potential of being a real weapon at centre. He showed no fear in his game against Canberra
  9. J

    Game day V's Knights of Ni!!!!

    Metcalf showed some promise. Handy kicking game to boot. Showed far more at five eighth in his brief cameo than Tracey in recent weeks
  10. J

    Rd22 Parra v Manly GAME DAY THREAD @ Sunshine Coast Stadium 14/8/21

    This is worse than the Kearney/Sticky era
  11. J

    Team v Knights - Chambers demoted

    He’d do a better job of it than the Chad did last season.
  12. J

    We need centres

    There’s not really much on the market in terms of specialist centres. Parra faced the same issue last season when they were looking for a replacement for Jennings (ended up with Opacic, who whilst serviceable and reliable, isn’t going to set the world alight)
  13. J

    Big Ronnie

    I want to know more about this. Did they change the eligibility rules since then, or did it just fly under the radar? Seems that he moved from Fiji to Woy Woy when he was 16…
  14. J

    Another Trindall issue

    Less than Kennedy surely, so still bargain-basement prices
  15. J

    Team list Tuesday - Rnd 15 vs Dogs | 2pm @ Bankwest

    Tone down the passive aggressiveness mate. The top teams, from Penrith, to Roosters and Storm had back up hookers last season: (Mitch Kenny, Sam Verills, Brandon Smith/Harry Grant) also the Raiders (Havili and Starling). We were the anomaly is the top 5. thus it was a focus for BA in the off...
  16. J

    GAME DAY vs the Rhinestone Cowboys.

    Morris was still the head coach
  17. J

    Team list Tuesday - Rnd 15 vs Dogs | 2pm @ Bankwest

    Agreed. We don’t want to get to second weeks of finals and have to select a player who’s never played a minute of first grade again. BA has learnt his lesson re: squad management, as demonstrated by the fact that we actually do have a backup specialist hooker.
  18. J

    GAME DAY vs the Rhinestone Cowboys.

    Hannay will have a point to prove after being overlooked for the Cowboys job. Could be an interesting match
  19. J

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    Fitz fancies himself a Bellamy. Hughes was manufactured from a 1 into a 7, no reason Nicho can’t be.
  20. J

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    How big of a domino is this?

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