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  1. DeeJ

    Most games/least achievements

    Terrible record as a captain too. I don't think he would even have a 40% win ratio.
  2. DeeJ

    2021 NRL Grand Final

    I think he's going to be on that SAS show. He's actually a big rugby league fan and used to play for some Sunshine Coast club I'm pretty sure.
  3. DeeJ

    A team for the ages …. Pick a worse 13 from this years 9-16

    Starting fullback surely. He had probably the worst game of any player this year (and was rightfully hooked during it) and almost definitely directly responsible for a few of the Broncos losses with his clumsy efforts while the game was in the balance.
  4. DeeJ

    Round 25 vs. Newcastle Knights Discussion

    Interesting to go with a light bench. I think Bullemor might find it a bit harder than usual.
  5. DeeJ

    Why does every commentator shout all the time now?

    I think it's a reflection of current society and media. Everyone loves heightened emotions - endless tears on reality tv or in interviews, reaction videos on YouTube. Even opinions change as everything has to be the best or the worst or be ignored.
  6. DeeJ

    Logan Bayliss-Brow

    I hope today's performance inspired them to keep Bullemor.
  7. DeeJ

    Albert Kelly

    He's been good the majority of the time this year. As a back up it is very useful to have an experienced half who can lead his side - something the Broncos have been lacking for several years.
  8. DeeJ

    Alex Glenn

    Although in his early days he had speed and potential, I thought he played best when he was coming off the bench around 2015, 2016 and playing in the middle. He looked like he was bigger as well and I assumed he was going to take over when Parker retired, but alas for some reason that did not...
  9. DeeJ

    The Passion of the Kevin

    He is unlucky, but I don't think he is injury prone. Both of his injuries happened in tackles, where as Bird got injured from training and just running the ball. Bird was also overweight at the Broncos and looks to be in much better shape now, so maybe he is finally taking his rehab stuff...
  10. DeeJ

    Kotoni Staggs

    Kotoni Staggs will not play again this season as he suffered a high grade MCL injury in the Cowboys game. It has been reported on the Broncos website.
  11. DeeJ

    Round 20 vs. North Queensland Cowboys Discussion

    Gamble has very good decision making - 9/10 recently he has taken the right option on the 5th tackle. It certainly is a breath of fresh air after rotating through so many halves over the years.
  12. DeeJ

    Round 20 vs. North Queensland Cowboys Discussion

    Could Milford be back if Gamble and Kelly are not available? There's not any other options. Also why is Isaako still getting a run?
  13. DeeJ

    What makes you feel old?

    My hair - or lack there of, a complete disconnect with the younger generation, struggling to stay up to 11pm.
  14. DeeJ

    Suncorp & CBus surface quality

    Are Ballymore and ANZ stadium still set up for rugby/league?
  15. DeeJ

    Billy Walters

    Turpin's dynamic qualities have now all regressed in favour of his defense - specifically making 50 tackles per game. He used to hit hard and sprint out of dummy half, and he wasn't afraid to kick or put on a play. Now that's all been put away so he can become McCullough 2.0.
  16. DeeJ

    News Do you care if Israel Folau returns to the NRL?

    My last post about this got deleted but hopefully this one will stay. Anthony Mundine said he paid the Bulldogs on behalf on Sonny Bill. I still think the Williams case is worse, negotiating behind his team while under contract and leaving in the middle of the night...
  17. DeeJ

    Worst signing of the season 2021?

    1 (half) out of 6 ain't bad.
  18. DeeJ

    Worst signing of the season 2021?

    Signed last year as a backup and has probably been our best half this year.
  19. DeeJ

    The Passion of the Kevin

    I had one of these but it was Peter Jackson.
  20. DeeJ

    Round 16 vs. Cronulla Sharks Discussion

    I hope we choose another forward on the bench instead of Arthars on game day. Additionally, why is Isaako in the side above Mead? Mead has barely put a foot wrong since coming back while Isaako essentially gives the opposition a chance to win everytime he plays.