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    Rumours (signings, sackings & other stuff)

    I have to agree. He acted like a real ass in his last year with the club. I don't want him at any price.
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    What Movies Have You Seen III The list from worst to best Superman is mostly spot on apart from Superman 3. I might be the only human on Earth who liked Superman 3 but I still think it was a genuinely entertaining movie. Reeve and his Kent background story...
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    If not Madge, then who?

    He strikes me as someone who would be great with a playing group, sponsors as well as identifying talent. He would be able to attract talent as well. We could do worse.
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    If not Madge, then who?

    One from left field.....what about Cam Smith as coach?
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    2021 Rabbitohs Rumours, Signings And News

    Im tipping only two souths forwards go over 100m next weekend. Happy holidays Souths fans!
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    Match Discussion: Round 25 vs Canterbury @ Moreton Daily Stadium

    Cini looked quite unfit today. Did not look like a first grader
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    Madge The Myth ?

    I've said this before. I have nothing against Madge as a person. But, our team has got worse under his tenure. I would have been okay with missing the finals is we saw some signs of general improvement. On the whole, we have regressed and he has to take some accountability for that. Im sad that...
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    Is it time to put an end to Mad Monday?

    No, keep Mad Monday going. It give the clubs opportunities to sack shit players. Gee, Im hoping some Tiger players f**k up over the next few days.
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    Round 24 - Roosters vs Rabbitohs: Friday 27th August 7:55pm @Suncorp Stadium

    You can still be a Souths fan and admire the opposition. I admire the All Blacks and Melbourne Storm organisations. They have their shit together year after year.
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    Round 24 - Roosters vs Rabbitohs: Friday 27th August 7:55pm @Suncorp Stadium

    On behalf of all Wests Tiger fans after his behaviour towards us over the last year, I say suck shit to Latrell! He'll finally get the punishment he deserves.
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    Adam Elliott

    Some of you just don't f**king get it. Even for the average Joe, you don't go into the wrong toilets for the purpose of funny business. But when you are an NRL representative, you have behaviour standards to uphold which is part and parcel of representing organisations with major sponsors...
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    Will Nathan Cleary surpass Andrew Johns as the greatest ever halfback to play the game?

    No way in the world. I dislike Joey as a person....and consider Cleary a very good halfback. But, Joey is MILES ahead of Cleary.
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    Match Discussion: Round 24 vs Penrith @ Moreton Daily Stadium

    Aftere the first try, I gave myself a drinking game that for every try or dropout repeat set of six, I'd have a drink. It was a very dry first half....had a few in the second 40 :)
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    News Curtis Scott

    Curtis Scott blaming his club for not supporting him is 100% wrong. He is an adult who needs to take responsibility for his actions. To sue for wrongful dismissal is going down a very bad road that he may not come back from. He he best off claiming responsibility and finding a lower tier club...
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    Rumours (signings, sackings & other stuff)

    Scott = worth a low price gamble. On good money, no way in the world. Elliott = No Cotric = As a winger, better than the two we have. As a centre, no thanks. Allan = No way!
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    Madge The Myth ?

    I do feel Madge did have the boys at one point. At the start of last season, I thought our side defended with a lot of desperation. The best I have seen a tiger side defend since we made finals. Then....halfway through the season, the bubble burst. I can even tag the game where we lost the...
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    2021 R23 Sun - Brisbane 24-22 Warriors @ Suncorp

    `Kelly/Milford is as good of a combo as the Broncs have had all year.
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    2021 R23 Sun - Brisbane 24-22 Warriors @ Suncorp

    They will him. Addo Carr was a pretty shit defender himself once.
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    Round 23 - Panthers vs Rabbitohs: Friday 20th August 8:05pm @Suncorp Stadium

    Souths fans, blame the ref all you like. Fact is, you had total control of the match, yet lost it due to some dumb penalties and a Burgess drop. Penrith managed to change the momentum of the match. Your pack could not turn it a matter of fact, your pack got worse as the match went on...
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    Are we playing finals in 2021?

    These Knights players need to wake the f**k up. You have a pretty healthy spine, a beast in Best and a forward pack that does its job in going forward. This is a genuine opportunity....yet, your mob just don't look upto it at the moment....despite having plenty of tools to do the job.