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  1. footy75

    2021 SF 1 Fri - Manly v Sydney @ BB Print

    Thinking Manly but the Roosters wouldn't surprise me.
  2. footy75

    Adam Reynolds

    Reynolds is quality. Period.
  3. footy75

    2021 NRL Grand Final

    But that's what I like about the NRL... If you want to go to the Grand Final you can. Ever tried getting a ticket to the AFL Grand Final? It's pretty much impossible.
  4. footy75

    2021 NRL Grand Final

    Smart .
  5. footy75

    2021 NRL Grand Final

    Things have now become interesting... Bunnies given themselves a real shot.
  6. footy75

    2021 QF 2 Sat - Penrith 10-16 South Sydney @ QCBS

    This is the game of the round. Going Penrith but the Bunnies are every chance.
  7. footy75

    2021 R25 Sat - North Qld 18-46 Manly @ QCBS

    Cowboys are already on the cans. Manly by 20.
  8. footy75

    2021 R25 Sun - Gold Coast 44-0 Warriors @ Cbus Super

    What a contest this all of a sudden becomes. To find out who the Roosters are going to kill next week. Titans or Sharks.
  9. footy75

    2021 NRL Grand Final

    I will be shocked if it's not Penrith or Storm now.
  10. footy75

    2021 R25 Thu - Canberra 16-40 Sydney @ BB Print

    Raiders playing for a finals spot..... really sums up their season.
  11. footy75

    2021 NRL Grand Final

    Who wins it? Penrith or Storm?
  12. footy75

    2021 R25 Fri - Cronulla 16-28 Melbourne @ Cbus Super

    Yeah I agree... If Storm beat Parra last week they would of rested a ton of with MP at stake they will want to win this.
  13. footy75

    Predictions 2021 top 8 predictions

    Think you go for the minor premiership.
  14. footy75

    Predictions 2021 top 8 predictions

    Sharks have Melbourne Raiders have Roosters either one of them win they play finals...providing the other loses If they both win sharks make it on f/a Titans need them to both lose by a lot they need to beat Warriors by a lot. Down to the wire.
  15. footy75

    2021 R24 Fri - Warriors 16-28 Canberra @ BB Print

    Raiders up by 40 at half time... Warriors win by 2.
  16. footy75

    2021 R24 Sat - Melbourne 10-22 Parramatta @ Suncorp

    Storm to win and seal the minor premiership and then rest players next week.