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    Match Discussion: Round 25 vs Canterbury @ Moreton Daily Stadium

    I’m so glad this nightmare has ended.Such a relief to not watch this train wreck again this season.Now for the media going to town on us.
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    Match Discussion: Round 25 vs Canterbury @ Moreton Daily Stadium

    Maguire will definitely be unemployed shortly & what an insane decision 3 yrs ago by him to knock back the manly job as Tommy turbo would’ve prolonged his coaching career.
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    Match Discussion: Round 25 vs Canterbury @ Moreton Daily Stadium

    Talau is glaringly not a long term centre option for us.He is too cumbersome & regularly is found wanting against half decent opposition.Apparently he played 5/8 in juniors although the back row is his best hope of prolonging his NRL career
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    Season 2021

    Dragons do have a bunch of very talented kids who play in a no. of positions in the spine although I’m very thankful they signed mr inertia Mbye. There is still much to b concerned about with our backline.We lack pace & our outside backs remain timid & illiterate re defence.From what I’ve seen...
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    Season 2021

    Expecting us to be hot favourites for the spoon in ‘22.The other teams at bottom of table have something to look forward to in ‘22.Conversely we don’t !
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    Shane Flanagan

    He overdid it in 1st half talking up the rabble & it certainly sounded like a job application.
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    Match Discussion: Round 23 vs Cronulla @ Browne Park

    We generally play well against souths in 1 match annually
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    Match Discussion: Round 22 vs North Qld @ Queensland Country Bank Stadium

    Not sure if they are marking up against each other but if they are I’d be backing Granville to outplay the pathetic slug
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    Rumours (signings, sackings & other stuff)

    1st & foremost when these pricks are incapable of learning the fundamentals of defense & being totally committed to defending like their lives depended on it then they can FK off.Im sick of following a team that culturally are pathetic peahearts & fall to pieces when their basic job description...
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    Match Discussion: Round 20 vs Warriors @ Suncorp Stadium

    Brooks is certainly the more likeable human however as a forlorn tigers fan I only care about the ability & positive influence/impact of the players re our endeavour to become a respectable contender.From the gun Balmain SG ball teams that moses & brooks played in to the NRL Moses unfortunately...
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    Rumours (signings, sackings & other stuff)

    We can’t afford to screw up this golden opportunity to discard Mbye.I can’t believe Saints are still interested in him especially after we prevented this from happening approx 1 mth ago.
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    Match Discussion: Round 19 vs Manly @ Suncorp Stadium

    Hasler would b crazy not to rest Turbo against us.If he is ever going to tear his hammy again this season it will b against us.
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    Match Discussion: Round 18 vs Brisbane @ Suncorp Stadium

    He has no future in the 3/4’s.He’s too slow & cumbersome albeit he is no worse than the pathetic jet.AD is both the best centre & 5/8 in the club followed by daylight.Our backline is horrendous & hence the clueless coach should be giving kids from lower grades opportunities over the next 2...
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    Rumours (signings, sackings & other stuff)

    Rumour is that TPJ knocked back the rabbles offer.Wise decision if true coz who in their right mind would want to play for this shit club.
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    Season 2021

    It happens in the corporate world regularly where inept bums presiding over companies which have poorly performed or whose value on stock market has plummeted in getting sacked are paid out a motza according to their contractual entitlement.I just want this useless prick out of the club.We...
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    Congratulations 150 Games Moses Mbye

    Totally agree & ive been condemning this pathetic overpaid bum from the time he arrived at concord.Wouldn’t u like someone to pay u a fraction of what this pissant is earning for being abjectly fkd at ur job.Maguire should be sacked for a no. of reasons none more so than handing this spineless...
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    Rumours (signings, sackings & other stuff)

    Fk him We just need to keep chipping away making judicious recruitment decisions & ensuring we don’t pay more than what a player is worth & hence administer our cap in the most optimum way.
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    Gutless Cowards

    Just my way of venting & expressing anger by tongue in cheek comments.U are right as a masochistic tigers fan I won’t be leaving albeit I’m hugely discouraged from attending games incl matches at the beloved 8th wonder.
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    Gutless Cowards

    I’m expecting penrith in Rd 24 to break the record for biggest winning margin set in 1935 when Saints beat dogs 91-6.I’ve been hoping for quite a while that the NRL would make this diabolical train wreck defunct. Fk the front office fk the coaching staff & fk the self entitled lowlife...
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    Match Discussion: Round 15 vs Melbourne @ Sunshine Coast Stadium

    Wouldn’t surprise me if we lead 14-12 during the game but we are unfortunately most likely to get flogged.This is a huge mismatch.When the going gets tough we fall to pieces & one thing about melb is they will get much quality field position & expose our glaring lack of resilience & pissweak...