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  1. Pete Cash

    Flat wickets

    Thought I would start a thread about this instead of filling up the SCG test thread with whinging. (incoming rant) The pitches have been too flat this summer. Cricket Australia and other home boards want tests to go 5 days and put a lot of pressure on the ground staff to make sure that it does...
  2. Pete Cash

    Graham Murray dies aged 58

    Latest reports are he is still alive but in pretty bad shape. Abc changed their headline from dead to grave concerns. See the link still has dies in it. Very shoddy reporting For the record
  3. Pete Cash

    Wooden Spoon Question.

    The wooden spoon battle comes down to the last round with it most likely going to the loser of the Eels/Titans game. Even if the Titans lose by a point (the most realistically worse case scenario for the Raiders) the Raiders would need to lose by 60 to the bulldogs to make up the point...

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