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  1. Hellsy

    LU Eels POTY

    The winner is.................... Jarryd Hayne
  2. Hellsy

    Eric Grothe gives up Swearing All power to him, I couldn't do it :lol: :lol:
  3. Hellsy

    2010 Eels Forum Player of the Year Awards

    Mods can you please lock and sticky this thread, thanks. Rules: 1. If you don't have your vote in by the time points are tallied (usually a Thursday), too bad you loose. 2. If you don't vote correctly by using 3,2,1 it will be assumed your top vote is 3 etc. 3. I will put up the winning...
  4. Hellsy

    Eric Grothe serenades thong thief Fuifui Moimoi

    :lol: :lol: :lol: Funny bastard :D :D
  5. Hellsy

    Stadium staff and service.....

    Was anyone as disappointed as I was again last night? I got to the game 10mins before kick off and joined the food queue which was surprisingly short. In my head I thought 'I might just miss kickoff, but all good' instead 25mins later I was still not at the front of the queue. Staff were SO...
  6. Hellsy

    Question on jerseys for babies...

    Hey Guys... my friend has a little 6 month old and he wants to get him his first jersey but can't seem to find baby sizes anymore, like 0. Do they not make them? Understandable the babes grow out of them pretty quick so I could maybe see how the sales might not warrant keeping them on range...
  7. Hellsy

    Eric Grothe's Trouble in all the right places

    ERIC Grothe's passion away from football has hit a high note after his band Shinobi unleashed its first film clip recently. The video to the single, Trouble, was shot earlier this year but is now beginning to gain a genuine following on websites like YouTube and MySpace. On holidays this week...
  8. Hellsy

    Hindy wins the Ken Stephens award

    According to a message from Jess I just got. Congrats! :clap:
  9. Hellsy

    Mortimer's a son of a gun … just in a different jumper Couldn't see this one posted, sorry if I missed it. Was just reading it online and this is the first story that brought a tear to me eye. What a great family :D :D
  10. Hellsy

    Eric Grothe in open space is a sexy sexy thing...

    Go on try and deny it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those Dragons players had no chance of catching him in full flight!!!! The bastard wasn't even puffed at the end of it. Several male friends of mine agreed with me today, it was a sexy sight :lol: :lol:
  11. Hellsy

    Parramatta Eels Trivia Night

    Sent via email this arvo: Another good reason to be a member in some capacity!
  12. Hellsy

    Having fun is the key........

    Seriously, how much fun do the boys look like they are having out there!!! :D :D :D :D :DEver since the Penrith game, I've seen them throw the ball around and just 'have a dig' and take some chances. Really loving it at the moment, just wish we could've played like that all year... but I'm...
  13. Hellsy

    Referee annihilated!!!

    OMG!!! Who saw that??!! :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: F*ck that would have caned!!!
  14. Hellsy

    To the person who asked me 4 a Footy Club form earlier this week....

    Hey everyone... earlier on this week someone asked me for a form because they had let their membership lapse... through stupid computer issues I thought I'd saved the details but my file died and your info didn't save... can you please PM me again?? Thanks!
  15. Hellsy

    O/T - Some nice NRL stories today,26799,25715678-5006066,00.html What a wonderful piece of marketing for the NRL by the Bulldogs!!!! Wow I am impressed with how they have turned their club around. If only we could have signed Todd Greenberg, I hope whoever we hire comes...
  16. Hellsy

    Wenty Family Fun Day - 5th July - Free Entry!!!

    Hey Everyone, I put this in the Wenty thread but in case it gets lost over the coming weeks it probably should be in it's own thread as a reminder
  17. Hellsy

    2009 NRL Game Day Survey

    Just did this survey I got by email. Took about 20mins and some of the questions are a bit weird, but there is room to write all about your thoughts at the end of each 'section' Suity - I let rip about 2 drink limits and also enteretainment. There is also a question on Toyota Cup and what...
  18. Hellsy

    3,2,1 V Sharkies

    OK, I'm going to kick this thread off early for a few reasons. Please remember it is the 3,2,1 thread, not the 3,2, 1/2, 1/2 thread, or the 3,2,2 thread or any other combination you can come up with. You vote for 3 players and allocate them a 3,2,1 only. Please also remember that you cannot...
  19. Hellsy

    Inside the secret lives of NRL nice guys - yes, they do exist

    A nice breath of fresh air from Nick Walshaw Some really nice little stories in the list of 50, they are in full as a PDF file, but well worth the read if you have time
  20. Hellsy

    Australian, NZ, City and Country Teams

    Kangaroos: Billy Slater, Israel Folau, Greg Inglis, Justin Hodges, Darius Boyd, Darren Lockyer (capt), Johnathan Thurston, Petero Civoniceva, Cameron Smith, Steve Price, Anthony Laffranchi, Paul Gallen, Glenn Stewart. Interchange: Kurt Gidley, Brent Kite, Luke Bailey, Anthony Watmough. New...