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  1. Perth Red

    New 12 team comp announced
  2. Perth Red

    PNG Superleague

    Good to see the game n PNG developing further. No not a breakway league but a second division alligned with Digicell cup to provide a reserve grade level and also opportunity for new clubs to cut their teeth and grow before maybe one day promotion to the top league. The ten teams for the...
  3. Perth Red

    Tongas for the taking?

    On the back of the australian and nz decision, and presuming nrl players can actually play in it, that opens up a number of players for other nations if they want to go. Tonga could be big beneficiaries. Just look at their potential starting pack! 8. David Fifita 9. Siona Katoa 10. Addin fonaua...
  4. Perth Red

    Tigers doco

    The Foxsports behind the scenes tigers doco starting this week looks like it will be entertaining. Who doesn’t like to see the coach swearing at his players!
  5. Perth Red

    Richardson proposes drastic redesign of European RL

    Sounds like SL2! The one-time Super League board member and NRL head of strategy has revealed more details of a paper he put together for a proposed overhaul of British rugby league, at the heart of which is the establishment of an independent commission to run the game, as happens in...
  6. Perth Red

    Matty Johns Face to Face

    What's peoples thoughts on this? Seems to me to be just a cheap filler program. MJ is not a great interviewer and the last two weeks has been the Storm GM talking about Union and some jockey talking about horse racing. On a RL show!!
  7. Perth Red

    First Coaching Casualty

    Seems a bit harsh given he was always on a hiding to nothing with a small salary budget and no time to build a squad. Rovers did their ex coach Chester a huge favour with Wakefield picking up their first win that probably saved his job this month. Leigh Centurions former boss John Duffy has...
  8. Perth Red

    Academy Farce

    Only the RFL would think that stopping clubs that want to run elite Jnr programs is somehow going to make the professional game stronger! Whole thing has been farcical and should cost Rimmer his job. Good to see clubs that have been shafted fighting back. RFL Statement: Elite Academy Licences...
  9. Perth Red

    Wests Tigers take over bid

    Somehow missed this news at end of lat week. Elias the face of a consortium trying to buy majority share holding in Tigers. He was on nrl360 this evening talking about it. Tony Sage had Elias front a possible Perth bid in 2013, could Sage be the money man behind the bid? If not who is...
  10. Perth Red

    Player Depth

    So always a contentious one, is there enough players to expand? Leaving aside that better player development pathways would undoubtedly mean yes, how about a team that could kick off next year from players that either cant make first team at moment or injuries or form has seen them promoted this...
  11. Perth Red

    New tv deal

    New 2 year deal signed for Superleague. the upside they will be showing some games live in fta for first time with bbc picking up ten games to show on a Saturday. the downside rumoured to be around 25% less in value meaning no money flowing to the lower league clubs...
  12. Perth Red

    Time for a radical rethink on the penalty system?

    With all the debate about bans and no charges it might be a good time to consider a radical rethink on a very traditional penalty system. With the game being all about entertainment and eyes on TVs to generate its revenue is our current system of sitting out players for fouled play a smart...
  13. Perth Red

    Origin heading back to Perth in 2022
  14. Perth Red

    Quickest try in nrl?

    Just watching last nights HKR v Hudds and bit of history made with an amazing start from the kick off with Ben Crooks of Rovers scoring the quickest try ever in UK at 7 seconds! Anyone know what the quickest in Australia is?
  15. Perth Red

    French Growth

    Big interview with French Federation president Luc Lacoste (
  16. Perth Red

    Matty Johns F2F

    Anyone watch it? Leaving aside my dislike of Vlandys and his embarrassing answers for a supposed national game, I thought it was pretty poor. Johns looked out of his depth. awkward, overwhelmed and the questions were all very benign. Maybe it will get better when he interviews ex players and its...
  17. Perth Red

    League life gone

    After being canned in covid year I was hoping it would be back this year but it’s slot has been replaced with yet another matty johns show. I know it’s cost cutting but league life was always a good watch and came from a different perspective. Interestingly it was also the only RL show my wife...
  18. Perth Red

    $1million forwards, are they worth it?

    Watching cowboys and Titans yesterday can’t help but question if spending $1mill on a forward is wise, especially the way the game is going with its speeding up? Traditionally the best forwards have been at around the 60-70% salary value of the star backs. Is it worth spending such a big chunk...
  19. Perth Red

    Kayo to screen some women’s sport free

    Will nrlw be included on freebies?
  20. Perth Red

    The Game 2020 Annual Reports - Clubs, States and NRL

    Covid impact Revenue down 25% ($136.3million) Overall Loss of $24.7mill (from a surplus of $29mill in 2019) non recurring costs due to covid $11.4mill Reduction in media revenue of $76mill Reduction in nrl costs $82.5mill due to staff cost cutting, reduction in funding to Nzrl and affiliate...

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