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  1. Eelementary

    Matt Burton - class act, on and off the field Came across this article. What a classy young fella, is Burton. Great player, too. I love these types of good stories - well done, Panthers.
  2. Eelementary

    Dylan Brown Facing Two Week Suspension - This Isn't Right So the NRL has deemed that a guy with a clean record, making a poor tackle attempt, is worthy as the same punishment as a guy who maliciously attacked an opponent's head (and said player is still not...
  3. Eelementary

    The "I Hope We Keep Matto" Thread

    So I've spoken to a lot of mates who are Eels fans lately, and some rate him highly, while others don't rate him at all. Personally, I don't understand the people who don't rate him - he is strong, agile, quick, a great defender, and skilful, and he even shows leadership qualities. So - do you...
  4. Eelementary

    Fox Sports Cricket Tantrum Over Tongue-In-Cheek Matt Hayden Sledge Anyone see this? A Kiwi cricket reporter made an [obviously] tongue-in-cheek joke about Matthew Hayden...
  5. Eelementary

    Bulldogs Mad Monday 2020 - Much Respect

    I just read an article that said that Doggies players were helping out their communities on Mad Monday this year. Congratulations, guys - much respect from me. That is absolutely awesome work from your club!
  6. Eelementary

    Congrats On 16 Consecutive Wins!

    Hey, guys! Congrats on 15 straight wins - a remarkable achievement! I have always liked the Panthers, and it's nice to see another team other than the usual suspects leading the comp, for a change!
  7. Eelementary

    Top 30 WWE/WWF Superstars "Official" Rankings List Hmm...tad controversial. Jericho at 10? Too low.
  8. Eelementary

    O/T: What Is The Role Of An NRL Head Coach?

    All the talk lately about whether Brad Arthur is a good coach, whether he is up to it, etc. has made me wonder - what exactly are an NRL Head Coach's responsibilities? I would assume that a Head Coach would be responsible for the following: * creating a list of players that the Head Of...
  9. Eelementary

    Annoying Trends In Modern Videogaming

    I felt compelled to start this thread, because my NBN has been down for maintenance since 8am this morning (and will likely not be available until 5pm), and as a result, I have been unable to play NBA 2k20 MyCareer, because 2k decided that you must have an active internet connection to play the...
  10. Eelementary

    Eels V Tigers 23/07/20 - Eels' 3-2-1 Votes

    3 - RCG 2 - Niukore 1 - Paulo
  11. Eelementary

    NRL Season- Is It Too Long?

    Hello, everyone. I got to thinking lately - is our season of 20+ weeks too long? I mean, I know it's a different sport, in a different country, with different population densities, etc. - but the NFL has 17 regular season weeks, and then the Play Offs. It, too, is a contact sport, and the NFL...
  12. Eelementary


    Anyone seen this? Feautures Nick Offerman as a CEO of a tech company, Amaya; the story revolves around software encryption expert Lily, an employee of Amaya, whose boyfriend Sergei gets a job working for Amaya's top secret decision, Devs. Lily soon suspects foul play when Segei disappears...
  13. Eelementary

    With The Benefit Of Hindsight....

    I have been wanting to start a thread like this for some time, now, and I finally remembered to do it. The idea is simple - someone nominates a player that they wish to discuss from our past playing squads, and with the benefit of hindsight, we discuss said player's abilities. For example, my...
  14. Eelementary

    NCAA Corruption: SB Nation Docco Series

    Have you guys seen this series? It's a 4-part series on YouTube, and it is so fascinating. It explores college football, and all the corruption, and scandals, regarding recruitment of star players, that happen on a regular basis. It's really, really good.
  15. Eelementary

    NFL Merch - Where To Buy?

    Hey guys, I've wanted to buy some new Raiders gear for some time, but I'm not sure where to buy it from The NFL store won't ship the items I want outside the US, and NFL Store Europe doesn't have sizes big enough. I'm at a loss - where do I get some jerseys, hoodies, and T-shirts?
  16. Eelementary

    Ricky Ponting VS Steven Smith: Whose Purple Patch Was Better?

    I was inspired by a Reddit thread I saw, and I wanted to stimulate debate here: Ricky Ponting from 2002-2006 57 matches 99 innings Average of 72.25 6,141 runs 24 centuries 21 fifties Steven Smith 2013-2019 56 matches 100 innings Average of 73.52 6,250 runs 26 centuries 21 fifties Imo...
  17. Eelementary

    I Have An Idea For Finals Football; It's Controversial, But I Reckon It Would Be Great; Help Wanted!

    So, basically, my controversial idea is that the Minor Premiers automatically qualify for the Grand Final. My thinking is that if they are the best side over 25 weeks, it would be criminal for them not to make the big dance at season's end. But what to do with the other Finalists? Tbh, I've...
  18. Eelementary

    Player Points VS Souths 31/05/19

    3: Manu Ma'u - outstanding 2: David Gower - really excellent contribution 1: Clinton Gutherson - he was everywhere, and saved a few tries. Imo, there were no bad Eels tonight.
  19. Eelementary

    Player Votes Vs Dragons 05/05/19

    3: Clinton Gutherson - awesome display for he skpler today. 2: Reed Mahoney - what a quality young hooker this man is. 1: Manu Ma'u: beast off the bench.
  20. Eelementary

    The Official King Gutherson Appreciation Thread

    You merkins knew it was coming. I wasn't too sure about him before - I'll be honest. But he's made me eat my words. He is a must-keep. All hail the king, baby!