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  1. txta2

    Season Launch debacle

    Honestly who the fk would think putting that clown PM in the middle of it. They Obviously can't read the room. Disgraceful decision by management.
  2. txta2

    Emerging Blues

    Rudolph, Brailey, Sione, Talakai ......and Chad will put his hand up again.
  3. txta2

    Feel is happy

    Another 4 years of happy clapping mediocrity.
  4. txta2

    Is the GOAT Shark leaving? Noooooooooooooo I can hear the Chad fanboy club crying already. Which snake oil salesman manager has he got. ??I can see it now after his one good game of the year. ..." I should be on a mill"!!!
  5. txta2

    Wash up v Panfas with special guest Chad Townsend

    QUOTE="chewsta, post: 13745115, member: 21116"]Chad shooting out of the line f**ked the blokes defending outside of him.
  6. txta2

    No Finals this year

    I suspected this would happen so not surprising. Roster full of busted overpaid rejects from other clubs. They are at the same level with Knights...average. Let go an inspiring young half to keep a average number seven who is better at controlling the clubs social media than the team. Have The...
  7. txta2

    Cams 400th

    cant wait to see the Storm wipe the floor with these wankas
  8. txta2

    Ot. Hallelujah and praise the lord

    The bloke with the baked bean teef and shit eating grin is back in office. Will do wonders for his close family and friends and associates. Not so much for the club, unfortunately, no coal to mine under Shark Park. Maybe get rid of the World heritage listed space behind the club n turn it into a...
  9. txta2

    Trial v Hartley's

    At Shark Park 7.30pm Gold coin donation entry. No bars open, only in club. Info needed on webcasting if any one has info
  10. txta2

    Dead Last

    Could get ugly, I'm tipping 0 from 8.