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  1. KiamaSaint

    Michael or Michel?

    Hi most wise Dragons forum, I am hoping someone can clear something up for me. Sorridimi, dragons winger in the late 70s, early 80s... is it Michael or Michel or both? I have seen it written both ways and was wondering if someone could help as I can't get a definitive answer. Thanks in advance.
  2. KiamaSaint


    Does anyone else come into this forum to looking for spoilers to see if the second Friday night game is worth the watch?
  3. KiamaSaint

    **Spoiler** Frank the Tank

    With forward passes it is all about which way the hands go not whether it is actually floats forward or not. Now I think that rule is ridiculous. But if you are going to have that rule for forward passes then surely it should be the same for knock on. That ball by Frank Pritchard looked to be...
  4. KiamaSaint

    OT: Disappointed in you Muzby

    Where's the "Sheen signs" thread?
  5. KiamaSaint

    Video Ref

    I was watching Tomic play tennis tonight, tennis is a boring game to watch, but the one thing they have right is the referral system, mainly because hawk eye can resolve an issue in 10 seconds rather than the 3-5 minutes it takes the video refs in league decide. Time is a big issue but it is...
  6. KiamaSaint

    Penalty Try

    Did deserve a try? I have seen clearer ones not given. In that situation 2 points and a sin bin may have been better for Souths. It will make no difference in the end, just interested in thoughts.
  7. KiamaSaint

    Spoiler: Double Movement?

    Manly try, a double movement? I'm with Rabs, more than a hint of a double movement. The arm carrying the ball hits the ground then there is another effort, thoughts?
  8. KiamaSaint

    Summary of our year - inconsistent I didn't know we had "one" a premiership in 2010 and I not sure most of our premiership side was "intact" but an interesting read. This review really shows how inconsistent we were this year.
  9. KiamaSaint

    OT: iPad 2 or 3?

    Hi all, My siblings and I are Looking to buy my Father an iPad for Father's Day. Any advice on iPad 2 or 3? I am thinking 3 at this stage because of the better camera but I am keen to hear your thoughts about whether it's worth the extra $$$. Can anyone guide me on where I can pick it up...
  10. KiamaSaint

    OT: Amazing Race

    Hopefully someone associated with the club can win something this year. Go Girls!
  11. KiamaSaint


    Well you couldn't write it any better. Roosters v Rabbits, Monday night, unbelievable.
  12. KiamaSaint

    Death riding the dragons.

    I know it has been raised before but gee the media like to death ride us at the moment. 2GB half time report was suggesting the Sharks were the better side in the 1st half. I thought the first half was pretty even but that a 6-4 or 12-4 score line was about right, even if we did get lucky with...
  13. KiamaSaint

    Premiership Favourites

    http:// I know it's Greg Alexander but he is suggesting Manly are still favorites. I am not suggesting they can't win but surely the Storm deserve that tag. Thoughts.
  14. KiamaSaint

    Crystal ball time...

    What will be the next lol thread and who will start it?* * excludes lol@50uff$, version 6.