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    James Graham in the media.

    Seriously, he is as good a pundit as anyone in the media. Except maybe Sterlo. Doing his work atm on Triple M and Fox Sports. He really is excellent. His game day discussion and technical dissection of games is so much better than most of our Aussie pretenders like Anasta, Ennis and co. And...
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    Journalists/Commentors with credibility?

    I was just wondering, considering that most of the threads on this section of the forum are generally critical of journalists, that who of us consider to be (generally) credible RL journalists? (Or commentators). Almost every post in this section is negative, and for good reason due to the...
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    This is embarrassing.

    Courtesy from a post from Timmah on the NRL forum, the figures are in for season crowd averages. Commensurate with our position on the table is our figure on the average attendances table. We should be a powerhouse yet we are a f**king embarrassment. It's shameful. Average Home Crowds 2018 BRI...
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    Kenny Edwards gone.

    As just mentioned on MMM. Statement released by Bernie Gurr.
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    Jnr Paulo returning.

    Just announced on the 4.30 pm news. $2.8 million deal commencing 2019.
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    Brett Kenny

    Just announced he has cancer. :(
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    What else can go wrong?

    Seriously, can this season really get any worse? With the Paulo alleged road rage, the Norman drug charges, the salary cap debacle, the constant in fighting within the top management, Foran's depression, then season ending injury, Semi doing the bolt and now his AVO, Foran not attending...
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    Round 10 - Team vs Wabbits.

    Should be out soon. What are we all expecting?
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    Parramatta Stadium Rebuild and other stuff

    Hi. It's more than certain that the rebuilding of Parramatta (Pirtek) Stadium is going ahead, which is fantastic news. I thought that this issue deserves its own thread, where all discussion, proposed plans, updates and progress can be discussed. There's already some good discussion...
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    Proud as punch.

    We might not have won. We might have made some shit decisions during critical parts of the match. But I'm proud that we are now mixing it with the best. We played one of the form teams today, even without their best two players, and we still took it to them. All of us would given our lives to...
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    Roosters vs Wigan

    Looks like a great crowd. Go Wigan!! Suity
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    Hayne on The Game Plan

    Enough said. Suity
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    Brisbane trip?

    Who's going this year? Might be looking for others to share accommodation with to keep costs down. The past few years I've done the Gold Coast and Melbourne and to be honest, they've been quite boring trips. Brisbane is always good to catch up with those QLD farckwits like Belly and PJ "can't...
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    f**k YOU BELLY.

    Gallen should punch you in the head as well. Hope you are well buddy. Suity
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    OT: A CEO who knows his stuff. Just listening to this insight of information, it's quite clear that some people actually know their business. Lyall Gorman is one of those people. I'd SO love for the Eels to have him as CEO. You have to listen to...
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    Can we together, get a stadium upgrade?

    Seriously, a successful Eels on their own should be enough. But surely, with this sort of backup. 1 min .05. But then it continues. 5 more times a year than the Eels, the pressure is on the Govt to give us (THE EELS) the...
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    It's on again. Election and AGM - Parramatta Leagues Club

    Here we go again everyone. Received the notification email this afternoon. Fire away. Sack the lot of 'em. Suity
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    The Twiz Thread

    Due to Twizzle's upcoming 100k posts milestone, Gronk kindly suggested that we do a tribute thread. Here it is. Twiz, I congratulate you. For those that don't know what he looks like, here is a recent pic. . Suity
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    Election 2012 PDRLFC

    Thought it was time to start this thread considering the election is coming up in less than a month. Can't see any info on the official website with regards who the nominees are. I believe the current board are running a ticket with Spagnolo, Libertini, Sasson, EGS, EGJ, Ray Price and one other...
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    Worst commentary team ever?

    Seriously, does it get any worse than Hadley, Lockyer and Lewis. f**k Channel Nein getting the rights again. I'm waiting for the Fox replay. I can't stand these turds. Suity