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  1. Fordy20

    Joey Leilua takes leave for family reasons

  2. Fordy20

    Wests Tigers re-sign Jacob Liddle

    Very happy about this. Madge has steadied the ship for next year by locking down all the players in the areas we need.
  3. Fordy20


    Jake Simpkins looks like he's a few years away, Farah looks likely to retire and Liddle remains unsigned. The club sees the position as a problem because we were sniffing around Brandon Smith earlier in the year. James Segeyaro went to the Broncos, Karl Lawton has been re-signed by the Warriors...
  4. Fordy20

    Where the Tigers are headed

    Article by Michael Maguire on PlayersVoice Don’t assume Wests Tigers are going to play a certain way next season. Not even I know what style we’re going to use at this stage. It’s yet to be decided. That process will begin in earnest when I physically take charge of the team at training on...
  5. Fordy20

    Halatau starting

    What did everything think of Halatau starting rather than coming off the bench? Personally I wasn't very impressed and I wasn't impressed with Nofoaluma's performance in the centres. He belongs on the wing.
  6. Fordy20

    Nightingale plays the ball to himself

    Courtesy of NZAUTV Rugby League
  7. Fordy20

    Wests Tigers seek GM of Football Operations

    The Wests Tigers structural reform continues with the club advertising for a GM of Football Operations. The advertisement lists the staff that will directly report to the newly created role, a list that includes the Head Coach. One of the features of the Joint Venture's constitution was that the...
  8. Fordy20

    Mitchell Moses is the new Benji Marshall

    I'm loving his passes into the third row of the stands. It's like Benji never left. Can't wait to see him crab aimlessly across field before offloading a hospital ball to an unsuspecting forward.
  9. Fordy20

    Simon Dwyer latest casualty of board maleficence

    So now we have another casualty of the turmoil being fermenting over the dying board's failure to re-sign Potter. It's coming up to six months now since the existing board agreed to the new governance model and board structures. I just can't understand why this is still dragging on. It's...
  10. Fordy20


    The Nine boys were saying that Moltzen will be returning from injury soon and create a selection headache for Potter. Do you agree with this sentiment?
  11. Fordy20

    Wests Tigers agree to board restructure

    Excellent political manoeuvring by the Wests Ashfield board to force Balmain's hand and accept the NRL bailout package. Wests Tigers board reform that started with the axing of Wests Campbelltown's seat continues.
  12. Fordy20

    Tigers need quick $1m to survive

  13. Fordy20

    Sheens to sue Tigers

    I've highlighted the money quote in this article. The NRL knows what a basket case the Tigers board is and is not prepared to throw money at these idiots. They should do the right thing and accept the NRL's offer: step down and let Mayer run the club as administrator until people with common...
  14. Fordy20

    Tigers sign Blake Austin and Cory Paterson

    The official announcement of the rumours spoken about in the Blake Austin thread.
  15. Fordy20

    Making the Finals

    There was a Fox Sports article recently where Chris Lawrence made the comment that the Tigers are in Finals mode as they cannot afford to drop another game. With Farah back from injury, Blair and Marshall starting to show glimpses of form, can the Tigers win enough matches to make the eight...
  16. Fordy20

    New Tigers Coach

    Who should be the new Tigers coach for the next two years? Choose your top three candidates
  17. Fordy20

    Finals hopes

    With Brisbane winning tonight, the Tigers slim finals hopes have been dealt a blow, but they can still be playing next week. If the Tigers lose tomorrow night, they are completely gone. - BUT - They are guaranteed a finals spot if they the Storm by 60. If they don't win by 60, then...
  18. Fordy20

    Spine if Marshall is suspended

    Benji is on report for a high shot on Jared Waerea Hargreaves. If Marshall gets suspended for the match against the Storm, who would expect to see in the 1,6,7 and 9 jerseys?
  19. Fordy20

    Beau Ryan: Every NRL Game a must win for Tigers

    In order to be considered genuine premiership contenders, you have to beat the top teams and the Tigers have the chance to do this next week against the Bulldogs and again in Round 26 against the Storm. Beau Ryan is saying that every match leading into the finals is a must win match. Do you...