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  1. babyg

    Indigenous captains They should making a bigger deal out this. How many indigenous captains do we have 3? Compared to afl?
  2. babyg

    Time to dump foxsports

    Season is over and fox has telecasts it's last game. It is time to show foxtel the we only have foxtel for the league and save $16 a month too. After the dally Ms give them a call and drop them. Add to that. Foxtel have already bumped the league for the tennis on fox2 while fox 2 and 3 are...
  3. babyg

    Follow the American dream: Gallop lays out his blueprint for league domination This is what I like to see from our leaders. Rugby League has so much potential. Two new teams coming in, Billion dollars tv rights that will grow...
  4. babyg

    Finally Super Tag

    Not sure why they have to changed the name but great news and this be implemented Australia wide. We've talked about this on here for a long time. Tag footy the fix...
  5. babyg

    QLD Team

    What do you reckon guys. Not sure about bringing Lillyman back in. I'm thinking bring Johnson back in and play Thaiday off the bench. Makes the pack more mobile and lifts their workrate.
  6. babyg

    Gorden Tallis says relocation, not new teams is the key to rugby league's future Another article. Tallis makes some good points but some pretty bad ones. Sharks, Roosters would be my priority teams for merging/moving.
  7. babyg

    Lockyers last test match in Aus

    Venue: Skilled Park Is it too late to change it to Suncorp.
  8. babyg

    Tinkler will slash the price of family tickets

    This is the management mindset I've always dreamed about. NATHAN Tinkler will slash the price of family tickets to home games in Newcastle to as...
  9. babyg

    Play the Ball penalties

    Number one problem with the game. Nit picking penalties ruin the spectacle and momentem in a game. A penalty is way too harsh. Solution- make the player play the ball again and take a tackle off them. Simple
  10. babyg

    NRL Team up with Bon Jovi for 2011 theme song THE NRL have pulled off one of the biggest advertising coups in Australian sports history by joining forces with global rock gods Bon Jovi for their 2011 campaign. The US...
  11. babyg

    Monaghan and Pearce

    Just spotted those 2 doing a spot of clothes shopping at Myer. Soft. Is that a normal thing to be doing a day before the biggest game of your life. They should be on their ipods listening to The Eye of the Tiger. NSWs are in trouble.
  12. babyg

    any publicity is good publicity

    How many more will tune into the State of Origin in Vicitoria because of this publicity stunt. I'd say it would actually be a heap more if you know who gets picked. We could be looking at a new record audience.
  13. babyg

    for the good of the game.

    Time to bring some normality back to these forums. What to do with the Sharks? I think the Sharks (or the NRL on behalf of the Sharks) should offer to relocate the Sharks to the best bid from other towns. That could include Adelaide, Perth, CC, Sunshine Coast, CC, Wellington, Christchurch...
  14. babyg

    ANZAC Test should move to Wednesday nights

    Makes more sense to me. Becomes more of an event like the Origins are. Mid week means no competition from other sports. More likely to be broadcast nationally. Players get more of a break to back up on the weekend. It might mean they have to miss the week before though. This event...
  15. babyg

    Central Contracts and NRL promotions

    Does anyone else see the risk here with the current crap about afl poaching our players. Imagine the NRL releasing it's tv commercial next with Jarryd Hayne and Michael Jennings the stars and then a week both announcing that they are off chasing the money. It will be 3 times more embarissing...
  16. babyg

    We need to start training some NZ refs

    With the number of games needing neutral refs it makes sense that the NRL should have a crop of the NZ refs that we can use for tests and/or origins
  17. babyg

    Brisbane Broncos a step closer to snaring wayward star Tim Smith

    Would be a pretty decent succession plan for Lockyer, if he gets his head right.,,26202785-5018866,00.html By Karl deKroo October 13, 2009 Troubled playmaker Tim Smith is a step closer to relaunching his NRL career with Brisbane Broncos after Queensland...
  18. babyg

    Broncos or Storm to win grand final

    Para v Bulldogs is an awesome game so far but I don't think either of these 2 teams will survive the let down from this occassion plus recover frm thphysicallity of it. Go Bulldogs. and the Broncos
  19. babyg

    Good Management

    Is it more than a coincedence that within 12-18 months of both Todd Greenberg and Paul Osborne taking over their respective clubs we have the biggest NRL game since the 60s. You could argue that it's because they're winning but it is because of these guys that they are winning. discuss
  20. babyg


    Heard on foxsports that the NRL is going to trial a 1min commercial break around the 20 and 60 minutes marks in an effort to gain more $$$ from TV. Similar to the drink break in summer. I personally think it is a good idea as it will benefit the game. Shouldn't disrupt it too much if it's...