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    Rava being rubbed out

    The NRL is officially targeting Ravalawa… an instinctive bump driving with the shoulder at hip level becomes a three week suspension. Nowhere near the head and in no way dangerous. Dragons mgmt need to show some stones and challenge this and weaponise the NRLs overly harsh focus on Mikale
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    Killer Doust rant on THAT'S LEAGUE

    It appears these lads have the wheels to tell it how it (kinda) is... check it out
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    Why are we playing the Bulldogs on there home ground?

    ANZ stadium...FFS
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    The curious case of Michael Witt

    Was shocked that he was picked round one...aside from a couple chip and chases I have not seen anything this year to see why he has been given the no.7 jersey. Williams showed more in his couple games in my opinion and was unlucky to be dropped for the game vs bunnies. It's not the first time -...
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    On a lighter note...Josh Dugan

    He is a freak - those kick returns were out of this world and his fight in every play is inspirational. Fingers crossed he stays fit, will only get better and better. Will always have an error in him but f%^k it - what an extraordinary player.
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    Dragons 2014 draw - Home ground discussion

    Here tis - Pretty pi$$ed about the Kogarah home games - all duds / out of towners except for Manly. Pretty disappointing from that respect. Easier draw than last year though - I suppose thats what happens when you run 2nd last...
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    Noddy's nail on head

    This is spot on I think Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs v St George Illawarra Dragons at ANZ Stadium It’s decision time for St George Illawarra coach Steve Price on what he does with Jamie Soward moving forward. When the Dragons are on the front foot, Soward can produce magic but when you’re...
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    Props owned

    This piece below sums it up - can't blame just the props but our front row was horribly exposed in the first 20 against penrith. 2) The Dragons’ season is slipping away Don’t rule the Dragons out just yet. For the wooden spoon, that is. If the Dragons showed one thing during their 19-0...
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    Our next saviour a fringe first grader from the Titans...Oh God
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    Evander Cummins...injured?

    Does anyone know the stat on Evander Cummins - I know he was coming back from surgery but he ain't on the injury list...
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    Sign Dugan

    Ok so I know we have the “sign no di(kheads” policy but surely that was a luxury of more prosperous times…besides with the generation of footy players we have coming through the NRL that will become ever more prohibitive. Once the raiders sack Dugan (and they will) I would be straight on the...
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    Is where the telegraph think we are going to finish... :roll:
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    Merrin to go the 80

    Great to hear that Merrin is aiming to play the 80...I see he is modelling his game on Gal and Bird...I think Merrin is a hybrid with more size and power than Gal and comparable skills to Bird. This also indicates a continuation of how Merrin was playing toward the back end of last year which...
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    Lagi Setu - Storm

    Unsure if this was mentioned earlier - but Setu is headed to the storm. Another one through Young and Dousty's chubby fingers...
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    Michael Jennings

    Ok so...who knows if we will sign him...but from all reports we are at very least trying too. I'm always fascinated and commonly surprised by forum reactions to would you feel if he signed for the Dragons knowing that if he does it is on biggggg bucks?
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    Luke Lewis

    Reported to be requesting a release in todays Tele - hey Dousty - grab the kitchen sink and throw it at him!!!
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    Evander does Billy...

    Can't wait for this kid to make his debut in the top grade - makes well over 300 metres, scores a hat-trick in U20s then backs up next week for a double and a great showing apparently for the cutters. Price is slowly moving him forward. Article here from SMH bout him doubling for billy slater...
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    Dane Gagai

    Ok so he's been released by the Broncs for ill-discipline but he looks to be an amazing talent...would look great in our backline. Apparently the QLD reds are chatting to him as well of the Cowboys - Dousty get in there and find us some more QLD backs...they are the best.
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    S Manu, Pettybourne, Guerra, Tupou, Housten

    Thinking abour recruitment for next year - if we could nab any or a couple of these blokes for next year it would be a massive boost. First stop sign some aggessive players, obviously backrow should be priority. We wont be shelling out on halves as there aint any availiable so lets buy in some...
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    Merrin needs to start

    That's about it. Not saying it would have changed the result on Friday but to have our best forward and (arguably) our most valuable player at the moment off the field for the first 20 is just insane to me. Weyman and Hunt are too similar - just solid metre eaters. They rarely dominate...