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  1. Minh

    Nathan Cleary

    Super young player and halfback. I wonder when he is off contract and whether a nice big offer can lure him away from the Panthers. I've seen enough in a couple of game to see this kid has class with a capital C, much like his old man in his hey day.
  2. Minh

    Dally Messenger try is back apparently

    Only against the Dragons, T Rex passes a ball forward aver the head Dally Messenger style to himself and is awarded a try, apparently none of the refs knew the rules too....Dragons footy!
  3. Minh


    It's pretty clear that we are not playing up to our full potential and some games have been very poor especially against the Warriors and Sharks but yet we still find ourselves sitting in the top 8 after 10 rounds. Good to see some second phase footy and support players around the rucks...
  4. Minh

    Closing out games

    This is an area of real concern both against the Roosters and last night we almost shot ourselves in the foot again and are lucky to not have at least one or both games lost due to poor strategic kicking at the back end of games. With 5 to 10 minutes left to play, especially the last 5...
  5. Minh

    Tim Lafai

    I guess a player that polarises opinion at the moment, perhaps a little down on his dynamic best form of 2014 but I think he's showing a little bit of what he can do when given good early ball to take on the line. At the moment he doesn't seem like the type of player to break the line and score...
  6. Minh

    Lachlan Coote

    Just watching the Cowboys playing the Roosters tonight and keeping a close eye on Lachlan Coote. If we are serious about playing Dugan in the centres I actually think there are not many better options at fullback than Lachlan Coote, he's smart, fast and safe out the back, the guy is electric and...
  7. Minh

    Politis vs Crowe

    Roosters vs Souths, I feel these two teams have some genuine bad blood ever since the infamous Russell Crowe thumbs up, thumbs down gladiator style gesture against the Roosters in their big win a few years ago. Two big egos going up against one another, arguably Politis has had the wood on...
  8. Minh

    Up The Mighty Blues

    FMD fireworks and the bridge lighting up blue. Queensland were a bunch of sore losing merkins with the dirty tactics. They redeemed with a bit of class after the match though.
  9. Minh

    Keys to success conspiracy theory

    Looking at the top 3 teams in the comp right now you can't help but think that money has a lot to do with it. In recent times teams like Melbourne have dominated and of course they were busted for cheating and Bulldogs with the infamous brown paper bags not far back. Manly and the endless list...
  10. Minh

    Interesting comparison Bennett vs Price

    It's interesting to note that since the start of the 2012 season when Price took over as St George Illawarra head coach and Bennett as Newcastle head coach after one and a half seasons and 38 games later both Bennett and Price have the exact same winning percentage winning only 16 of 38 matches...
  11. Minh

    Israel Folau Wallaby debut

    Watching some of the highlights of the Wallabies vs British Lions last night, I noticed a more streamlined and fit Israel Folau looking a yard or two quicker than he used to be with better footwork too. I've always questioned his asking price of around 900k a season but from what I saw I think...
  12. Minh

    NSW win game 1

    Well done to Brett Morris and Trent Merrin both played strongly and to Daley on his maiden debut win. I thought Daley had a very good physical game plan that unlike in past years the physicality didn't fade away after 15 minutes. It's a trademark of the Daley game, he used to be very physical in...
  13. Minh

    Adam Scott wins the US Masters!!!

    Adam Scott wins in a playoff against Caberra to break the Australian drought. You Beauty!!!
  14. Minh

    Scott Prince

    With all the turmoil at the Titans would anyone like to see us make a big play for Scott Prince. He is rumoured to be considering a move to Hull in 2014 and that the Titan's are looking to off load him and not renew his contract after 2014, we may be able to get him early on the right deal. He...
  15. Minh

    Some positives out of tonight's game

    First of all we were robbed by the ref's in the first half some shocking calls one after the other. I knew it from when they didnt call the Josh Morris knock on then penalised us for good defense the next play that they were out to get us and they blew about 4 dubious penalties against us and...
  16. Minh

    How the hell was that a try to Greg Inglis

    Im F#cking sick of ref's/video ref's, ruined what was a great game, TAB I reckon.
  17. Minh

    Michael Weyman

    I thought he had an outstanding game. The best game he's had since 2009/2010, ran the ball hard seemed impossible to stop tonight great signs for us. The whole forward pack played well Merrin, Prior also outstanding.
  18. Minh

    Golden point victory!!!

    1 down 25 to go!!!
  19. Minh

    Tinkler sacks Bennett confidante

    It was reported on Fox Sports News that Nathan "Sacking Machine" Tinkler has sacked Ken Edwards close friend and confidante to Bennett. Edwards played a key role in luring Bennett to the Knights it is believed that the sacking has even come as a shock to Bennett. This cannot be good for...
  20. Minh

    Lockyer Out

    It's official Lockyer has pulled out of clash against Manly, Broncos gonesky IMO.