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  1. 2010

    Warriors Coach

    Sacked today as per fox. I don’t think he will be the last
  2. 2010

    Mark Gasnier

    He has left Optus and has taken up a role with Oztag. He won’t be missed calling games
  3. 2010

    Adam Doueihi

    He has been told by Bennett to look elsewhere now that Mitchell will be the fullback. He is still a youngster and played fullback last season and done pretty well in. that position. We should take a look at. him, that could solve the issue about who should play fullback Millward should be all...
  4. 2010

    Saints web page is down

    Message said it is down for an upgrade. Coincidence?
  5. 2010

    Valentine. Holmes

    Just read that he has been cut from his NFL team which means he will be coming back to Australia. Now that Flanagan is with us could Holmes be approached to play with us The only issue would be if we could afford him because every where you look we are supposed to have little to spare under our CAP
  6. 2010

    3 2 1 V Souths

    Ok someone has to start this 3 Cam ( wish I could him 9 points) 2 Saab A great debut came 1 Frizell
  7. 2010


    Looking at clubs who are one city clubs like Storm, Broncos, Knights and raiders have an advantage over clubs in Sydney in raising TPA’s by being the only club in their city Apart from the Rotters a lot of teams in Sydney struggle to get a TPA to even compete with the likes of the Storm The NRL...
  8. 2010

    Phil Gould

    Reports everywhere that he has left the Panthers. Big call if true
  9. 2010

    3 2 1 against the cowboys

    anyone, someone ?
  10. 2010

    Penalty Try

    I always thought ref had to be 100% sure thatva player would score a try. Tonight I heard the ref say the player had a chance to score the try. Good start for the season for the refs
  11. 2010

    ISP Team of the season

    1. Caleb Aekins (C) Penrith Panthers 2. Jordan Pereira St George Illawarra Dragons 3. Patrick Herbert St George Illawarra Dragons 4. Adam Keighran Penrith Panthers 5. Sione Katoa Newtown Jets 6. Connor Tracey North Sydney Bears 7. Kyle Flanagan Newtown Jets 8. Kaide Ellis Penrith Panthers 9...
  12. 2010

    Matt Cecchin

    Irrespective of what people think about his referring to send death threats to him and his family is beyond belief. No one should have to put up with that.
  13. 2010

    Bench Players

    Would players on the bench get the same money as a starting players and would players be happy to play off the bench rather then a starting player.
  14. 2010

    The Skull (Somewhat dragon related)

    It was like walking on holy ground': Neo-Nazi football fan sneaks back into his club's stadium - after he was given a 43-year ban for assaulting a fan Australian neo-Nazi 'The Skull' has been spotted at a St George home game Ross May, 72, was banned from Kogarah in 1975 after kicking a...
  15. 2010

    Round One

    Saints beat Broncos Newcastle beat Manly Two grubs getting beaten If Cowboys beat Sharks 3 hated teams beaten Doesn't get any better than that. Glad for Knights....
  16. 2010

    Hayne Plane

    Smh is stating that a woman in America has filed a civil lawsuit that she was raped by him. The attorney general did not prosecute for lack of evidence at the time.
  17. 2010

    2018 Home game Guernsey

    iconic Red Vee jersey hasn’t changed much over the years and 2018 is no different.
  18. 2010

    McCrone. Gone Baby Gone

    He has signed with the Canadian team.
  19. 2010

    Saints Captain

    There has been numerous posts about Widdop as teams captain. Who do you think would be a better captain and why
  20. 2010

    Captain's Challenge

    What ever happened to having a captains Challenge in games, this would be a good thing when things like tonight happen.