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    Round 1 V West Tigers

    The 2005/6 sides were brilliant to watch also
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    Round 1 V West Tigers

    Lafai is the ultimate “play for a contract” player
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    Sign frizell now!!

    I’d love frizz to stay also, not if they’re going to throw the bank at him. With the money from him, Graham, maybe JDB and (hopefully) Aitken and Lafai, we will have what could be termed a WAR CHEST for 2021 lol
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    NRL team: Trial v Newcastle Knights

    I’ve got it on fairly good authority that Merrin tore a calf in the first week of training after arriving back from England, the new trainer Adrian Jimenez flogged him straight off the plane. The club are obviously covering it up. But that could be a reason for his non start tonight.
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    Does our team even need de Belin anymore?

    The nines is not the format to decide that. In the 13 a side game our defence was paper thin last year. Like it or not, JDB will make it better.
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    Brayden Williame

    On the bright side, I think both are off contract at the end of this season. On the downside is that they will both probably start the season on a hot streak, earn themselves 3 year contracts before promptly transforming back into pumpkins.
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    Tyrell Signs

    Flanno does have some experience working with a certain B. Barba. Might have a couple of helpful tips. Without the whole ‘beat up the missus’ issues
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    Nene Macdonald back at Saints

    Spoke to a guy who’s pretty close with a few of the dragons fitness staff yesterday, he said that Nene is 100 percent NOT gonna be there next year. The club doesn’t want another court case hanging over its head, especially a DV case.
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    Brayden Williame

    Sorry yep he is, my mistake. But honestly looks like I’d take him over either of our centers right now.
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    Brayden Williame

    Apparently Dragons trying to sign this guy from Catalans. Not the big name you’d hope for, but as a left centre he still looks like an upgrade on Euan.
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    Really going to miss all the insightful comments and ideas you brought to the forum, along with your seemingly endless positivity.... Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Nobody is over the moon about Mary, but after hearing that the playing squad were the ones pushing for his extension...
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    for your consideration: coach Justin Holbrook

    You’re right 100 percent, But who is the guy to take over if you’re saying we should have one of the best coaches in the comp? My point is there are a real lack of available, experienced top line coaches right now. Any new replacement will essentially be a huge question mark, and I’m curious...
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    for your consideration: coach Justin Holbrook

    We should, but all the best guys seem to be in a state of employment at the moment...
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    for your consideration: coach Justin Holbrook

    Brad Arthur is also off contract at the end this season I think? I know parra aren’t setting the world on fire atm, but I think that could have a bit to do with the front office as much as the cattle they have on board. Big plus for me is that he knows how to get Corey Norman firing, who was...
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    for your consideration: coach Justin Holbrook

    Agree to an extent, although I think if it came down to replacing Mary with an untried first grade coach, JD would still be my first pick.
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    The "MARK MY WORDS" thread 2019

    Well there’s always gonna be the odd moment of dominance you’d think, they aren’t a pack of dawdlers are they. I just don’t think they’ll be able to reach the levels they did in 18
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    The "MARK MY WORDS" thread 2019

    This is the most enjoyable thread I’ve read all off season! Agree with a lot of posts that say Norman’s superior game management skills will make Hunt into an absolute running weapon and will totally justify his price tag this year. But MARK MY WORDS: Dragons will not make the 8 this year...
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    Jackson Hastings

    I know a fella who absolutely idolized Kevin Hastings growing up, massive rorters fan. then got the opportunity to play touch footy against him and Jackson a while back. Reckons by the end of the match he wanted to punch them both out.. Said Jackson was very much a chip off the old block, Kevin...
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    Dragons v Mounties live scores

    It was a differential penalty from the scrum, no kicks for goal allowed.
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    Moses Suli

    OT I agree 100% that one change could change the tone of this forum right around, to me the buck starts and stops with the coach, and I don’t think I’d have much argument there. His flawed game plans don’t change and no roster changes will improve how awkward his back line sweep play will look...