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  1. Kirky

    Next TV rights deal part 2

    This really is a mixed bag. I think the cash that this deal will inject into the clubs and (hopefully) development will do great things. But personally the practical details of this deal aren't great for me. I love Monday night football. Nothing makes a slow work Monday go quicker than the...
  2. Kirky

    Hazem El Masri's turn

    Outstanding melt This is a shrewd policy-shift for you; one word responses limit the potential for primary school English errors.
  3. Kirky

    Wests Tigers conspiracy theory

    OP this conspiracy goes even deeper than you might realise. Do you think it's mere coincidence that GWS chose the colours orange black and white? Every single ostensibly botched decision made in relation to the Tigers for the past DECADE has been part of a calculated plot to convert Wests Tigers...
  4. Kirky

    Best ANZAC jersey?

    They're all terrible, but if I had to pick one I'd say Penrith's.
  5. Kirky

    2015 Crowd Watch

  6. Kirky

    Gold Coast to do something they've never done before

    Nope. HMAS Titanic Titan Fleet Sinks Titanic Catastrophe Mutiny on the bad ship Titanic! Fans flee sinking Titan fleet Titanic fleet hits iceberg At least make Badel work for his headlines.
  7. Kirky

    tv kit clashes

    I remember a few years ago there was an insane clash between Manly and some other team. IIRC Manly were doing an armed forces promotional jumper, and had a white uniform with maroon spots on it, and their opposition were promoting milk (?) and had a white uniform with cow spots on it. I had no...
  8. Kirky

    Gold Coast to do something they've never done before

    Brahman Bulls? Brush-Tailed Possums? Bream? Brontosauruses? Needs to begin with Br to help alliterate with their future home.
  9. Kirky

    Paul Kent: NRL salary cap isn't working

    This is the most sensible post you've ever written. I couldn't even find a grammar mistake. Who are you and what have you done with constable dribble?
  10. Kirky

    Another f**ker i've never heard of

  11. Kirky

    External draft? Internal draft? Both? Neither?

    Yep. Personally I don't want a draft. Local juniors growing up to become local heroes for their club is one of the hallmarks of our game.
  12. Kirky

    Dave Taylor

    Waste of oxygen too.
  13. Kirky

    NRL good news

    but....but.....#codeincrisis?? Just goes to show it ultimately doesn't matter how much the tabloid press talks the game down, it continues to go from strength to strength.
  14. Kirky

    2015 Crowd Watch

    The reasons for the poor ticket sales are pretty obvious. Right off the bat you have the insane ticket prices. The NRL have made a mistake. They assumed that with a smaller stadium they could ramp up the ticket price to take advantage of a supply constraint. This was greedy and stupid...
  15. Kirky

    Jacob Loko Charged with high range drink driving.

    Thread raises a lot of significant, important questions, not the least of which being what sequence of events lead Australian Aplacas to form an Association.
  16. Kirky

    NRL considers radical changes

    God Rothfield's an idiot. How is he paid cash-money to write this nonsense?
  17. Kirky

    Draw 2015

    It's not just me, it's also family from across QLD and NSW, all of whom have their own lives and schedules. The earlier we can lock the weekend in, the less likely someone has to miss out due to a scheduling clash. Also the longer you wait the more expensive flights and hotels are. It's a first...
  18. Kirky

    Draw 2015

    This is unbelievable. It's almost December and the draw still isn't out. I like to do a trip to QLD every year to catch up with family and watch a Raiders game, and can't start sorting that out 'till I know which weekends the Raiders are playing up there. Do they not want away fans to go to games?
  19. Kirky

    crowd watch 2014 part IV

    This is like getting an F at school, and when being confronted by your parents saying that it isn't good enough, replying "it's fine, look at my previous grades, I always get an F."
  20. Kirky

    Crowd Watch 2014 part 3

    Once the design has been approved, it's too late :(