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    Why do most of our ex players actively hate us?

    Most players when they leave a club don't tend to bag their former employer. Wests Tigers are very unique in the high volume of players that have something bad to say when they walk out. This has happened since the days of Ben Te'o and Luke O'Donnell starting the trend. This has continued all...
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    Ronaldo Mulitalo

    One thing people have missed through this whole eligibility fiasco. It is NOT Qld's fault that Ronaldo's parents filled in his eligibility form incorrectly. It is not upto the QRL to do detective work to ensure Mulitalo played footy in Qld within the correct timeframe. The onus is on his parents...
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    Johnson, Norman, Milford and Taylor

    All four halves have received the tap on the shoulder over the past few weeks. Here is a question for you all. Out of those four men, if your club HAD to recruit one of them for next year, who would you recruit and why?
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    Tommy T

    Dear NSW selectors, Please pick Tommy T on the wing where he'll have less ball. If you have to, you can pick him in the centres where he'll have to do 20+ tackles. You don't need to pick him at fullback at all! From Qld fans
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    Refereeing The Magic Round sin bin directive

    Im all for doing what we can to protect players from head injury. But, this head protection sin binning directive has been absolutely crazy. It has destroyed two games this round already. I'd even be okay with the guys making contact to the head to have some time off the game.....but don't...
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    Opinion Penrith

    My goodness, they were extremely impressive tonight. They are going to be extremely hard to beat. The beautiful thing about them is they are young yet have that big match experience that they handle so well. Pretty much their 17 are either entering their prime or at their prime player...
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    Jason Saab

    A question for Dragon fans here...did Saab in reggies ever show more performance than he has in his first grade career? Did he show regular signs that he could be a good first grader or were they few and far between? Because, the guy deadset has nothing and shown nothing in his first grade career.
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    Just watching 60 Minutes tonight, Im very sad to hear that Ray Price has early dementia. From looking at him, he certainly displays those sad signs. I don't think the NRL does enough with this issue. Yes, some steps have been taken but it has not gone far enough. The way Boyd Cordner was dealt...
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    BJ Leilua

    Im the first to admit that when Leilua was on offer after the Raiders were looking to cut him, I wanted to sign him. Our backline was absolute shit and I thought he was worth a shot. We all knew he was a rocks and diamonds type player and were prepared to ride the good with the bad. Fast...
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    Crowd behaviour at cricket and sporting events Cricket crowds must shape up or stay home in the modern game Out of all the sports we see in Australia, Test cricket provides the perfect opportunity for members of the crowd to act...
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    Down by 8 and go for two tactic.

    NSW were down by 8 midway through the second half and they went for the penalty goal instead of attacking in the red zone. I have never understood why teams do this tactic when 8 down. A team has to score a try anyway in that situation and that score would be just to draw level and hope you...
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    Kyle Flanagan

    When a halfback doesn't touch the ball in the last 20 minutes of a semi final while the concussed fellow half gets all their touches, I'd said it at the end of the game that his Roosters career is done as his team obviously has no confidence in him. Harsh but true...
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    Kyle Flanagan

    Give that man a lifetime contract after his wholesome efforts in crunchtime!
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    Kalyn Ponga

    This guy seems to escape all criticism from judges when looking at the Knights. But, he is the ultimate downhill skiier of the NRL. He does his best work against weak sides or when the Knights are well and truly on top. Whenever there is a tight contest and especially when the Knights are well...
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    Addin Fonua-Blake A bit of an unusual move regarding one of the top two props in the game. The Warriors have wasted no time in chasing Addin Fonua-Blake...
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    FOD Foundation

    Who wants to join the FO Douhei foundation? The guy is absolute crap and needs to go.
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    Luke Brooks

    I have backed Luke Brooks for years. We have given the guy plenty of time to develop. Over time, he has improved in athletic ability and defence. Sadly, he has not improved his ballplaying, kicking game, game awareness and nerve. Against good sides, the man hides while his halves partner tries...
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    Salary Cap...spending 90%

    I had only found out a few months ago that all clubs had to spend at least 90% of their cap every year. I think this rule is a greatest handbrake on struggling clubs trying to get up the ladder. Almost every struggling club has at least one big money player getting paid way overs because of this...
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    The state of rugby league since restart

    Maybe this is the effects of covid, but rugby league since it restarted has been more entertaining than it has been for an extremely long time. The wrestle dominating the game is finally over and little playmakers are more effective than they have been in years. Great product!
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    100% Footy

    It is clear that Paul Gallen has had an absolute gutful about talking about the peptide era. If looks could kill, Weidler would be six foot under tonight for writing that 700k story.