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  1. DB

    Jack Bird: "I wouldn't be here if I hadn't left the Dragons."
  2. DB

    Waterslide Decal Design

    I'm in the process of making my own guitar, and need some help with a design for the headstock for a waterslide decal. I want the design to read: D-B G U I T A R S I am totally clueless when it comes to graphic design, and hoping someone can knock something up. They...
  3. DB

    The Teamlist Tuesday Thread

    It's TeamList Tuesday!
  4. DB

    Thoughts on tonights game

    Geez the Roosters have done so well to beat a team with the ref in their back pocket. Have surely got to be premiership favourites now.
  5. DB

    Hey BF

    I need to tell you something..... I really really really really really really like you And I want you. Do you want me? Do you want me too?
  6. DB

    Batman: Arkham Knight

  7. DB

    Super Bright and Shiny New Pic Thread

    Post away
  8. DB

    Vinyl Valuations

    Anyone know where I can get Vinyl records valued? I currently bought the Beatles album 'Abbey Road' but it was titled 'Return to Abbey Road' and has them walking the opposite direction. I just want to know whether I can play it, or if I'm better off leaving it to increase in value.
  9. DB

    The Help Thread

    Wasn't sure if there is a thread like this one, but thought we should have one stickied at the top for any issues people need help with. I'll kick it off. I have a PS3 in my loungeroom, with my internet connection about 20 metres away in a different room. I've been wanting to set up an...
  10. DB

    A Little request....

    Can anyone remove the words on this pic without cutting the picture..... I have tried to search for the original, but cannot find it.
  11. DB


    Anyone else into this promotion? Only really got into it for this years King of Trio's tournament, after hearing it was good, and have not missed an event since.
  12. DB


    Can I have a request of a banner please? What I want is this picture of Principle Skinner, on an American Flag, with the words 'This guy served in 'Nam. What the hell have you done?' Can someone please, please do this?
  13. DB

    The Official "Holy Sh*t!!! That was Awesome" Thread

    This is the thread where you post epic moments from music. Went to see the Hives two weeks ago, and during "Hate To Say I told You So" this happened.
  14. DB

    Superthread XXIV

    Sup Vanilla Face
  15. DB

    WWE Raw: The Revolution

    Monday Night Raw 26/06/2011 The Main Event Tables Match between R-Truth and John Cena is nearing it conclusion. Cena has set up a table in the ring, and is awaiting R-Truth to get up, so he can provide an Attitude Adjustment through the table. As Truth gets up, and Cena gets him in the...
  16. DB

    Anyone Able to create a border for me?

    What I need is someone to create a border for me, for a certificate I am going to make for the tipping comp I run. I would like it with this photo... and the size enough so it can cover an A4 piece of paper for the certificate. I tried to do it with instruction from google, but I...
  17. DB

    30 Day Song Challenge

    Thought this might work well to find out what people love, or hate. I'll update the list in this page everyday. DAY ONE: YOUR FAVOURITE SONG: DAY TWO: YOUR LEAST FAVOURITE SONG DAY THREE- SONG THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY DAY FOUR- SONG THAT MAKES YOU SAD Mine has got to be Everlong by Foo Fighters...
  18. DB

    Are you a Stander or Sitter?

    This issue has gone on long enough.... Its time for the People of the FFB to speak. Do you stand or sit when wiping your bum?
  19. DB

    TNA- New Beginnings

    Have some spare time, so I'll see where this takes me. -----------------------------------------------------------------------...
  20. DB

    WWE Hall of Fame 2011

    With Wrestlemania just around the corner, so is the 2011 WWE HoF. First inductee was announced on RAW today being Interesting choice.