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  1. stryker

    MONDAY JULY 19th

    The much anticipated documentary on the hugely successful Rugby League powerhouse - the Wests Tigers will premiere July 19th @ 7.30 on Fox/Kayo. The sensational trailer has dropped…who else is pumped to see a fly on the wall take of what makes this club so awesome?
  2. stryker

    Gutless Cowards

    Worthless, f**ken spineless, talentless flogs. No balls, no heart, All 17 who played tonight are dead to me. We need a new spine, 2 new centres and a new back row at a bare minimum. Not much else to say. f**ken merkins.
  3. stryker

    West’s Tigers Crowd

    As an ‘out of Towner’ I am always pleased to see that our crowds mostly mimic my feelings towards the teams we put out. When they booed the side from the field vs the Cowboys I was punching the air as they deserved every bit of that hatred. Likewise, tonight they aggressively supported a team...
  4. stryker

    Team Leilua

    Madge had these two defending together on the right last year and they were a failure. He was forced to split them up to varied however more positive results. To prove he is a quick learner, Madge has put these two together again this year, this time on the left and next to Brooks, with the same...
  5. stryker

    Different year, different team, same dogshit

    Very poor effort. 3 players in the spine aren’t first graders Discipline shit Defence fell apart No game plan No execution f**k all of them
  6. stryker

    Rorters claim another Minor Premiership

    They have secured their 4th MP in 6 years. Really is a lop sided comp when a club like this is continually assembling rosters like they do. Thank god we have the Broncs, Sharks and Storm also rorting or these merkins would give the Saint's premiereship record a nudge.
  7. stryker

    Time to release the footballs from the lockbox Ivan

    These guys look like they havent touched a footy at training since last August. Happy with stamina and defensive attitude, great strides forward...probably the best in our history. Attack though would rank with the worst we've ever had. It is abysmal and not first grade standard. That putrid...
  8. stryker

    Amazing win

    Melbourne had 2 players playing milestone games Melbourne had a huge crowd behind them Melbourne did not have to work it out of their own end very often Melbourne had a full strength side Melbourne were playing against an injury depleted side Melbourne had a gutload of penalties - 18...
  9. stryker

    Won that with our defence

    Amazing what having committed defenders can do to the confidence of a team. I honestly think ive only said this a handful of times in 18 years... Rorter scum always looked like scoring but we turned them away consistently. Great effort.
  10. stryker

    Why the theatrics?

    Why does Woods deem it necessary to hold a staged interview tomorrow to tell the league world he has become a dog? The guy is seriously too dumb to realise that the majority of the shit he is copping could have been avoided if he acted differently. When you make a big song and dance you attract...