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  1. simmo1

    Worst injury you've ever seen?

    Lipina Kaufusi AKA Jackson Kaufusi AKA Makasini Richter suffering a terrible headache and leaving the field in the early 2000's.
  2. simmo1

    If not Madge, then who?

    Imagine Fittler coming here with his "just let them play footy" coaching. The pack could be Uto plus 8 backrowers. He could even give our Tommy T a licence to pop up either side of the field to miss a tackle.
  3. simmo1

    Big Test Year in '22

    Very real chance of losing 9 tests on the trot.
  4. simmo1

    Five (5) x T20 - NZ in Bangladesh Dhaka Sept 2021

    I meant no excuse for Australia. They were missing the IPL guys but had most of the others playing. Bangladesh are hard to beat on these conditions though. I think at times it is a detriment to their batsman to keep producing these pitches.
  5. simmo1

    Five (5) x T20 - NZ in Bangladesh Dhaka Sept 2021

    Unfortunately, no such excuse. There was at least 4-5 first choice players playing for Australia in the Bangladesh series.
  6. simmo1

    Match Discussion: Round 25 vs Canterbury @ Moreton Daily Stadium

    Not sure anything can be gained from this game. Win and finish 11th and paper over the cracks of a disastrous season (IMO probably our most disappointing ever), or lose to one of the worst teams of the modern era. I suppose Madden having a blinder would be about the only positive to be gained...
  7. simmo1

    Match Discussion: Round 24 vs Penrith @ Moreton Daily Stadium

    A much better effort. The team lost its way when Seyfarth went off, but didn't capitulate as they have done in other games. Going to be all the more frustrating when they go down to the Dogs next week.
  8. simmo1

    The Root factor

    I have Cook and Pietersen ahead of him until he gets some runs in Australia.
  9. simmo1

    John Morris - 2022 coaching alternative

    Sheens and Johnny Cronk at the helm. What could go wrong?
  10. simmo1

    Rumours (signings, sackings & other stuff)

    Uh oh.
  11. simmo1

    3rd Test: England v India @ Leeds Aug 25-29 2021

    Or Pant for that matter.
  12. simmo1

    3rd Test: England v India @ Leeds Aug 25-29 2021

    Does Pujara score runs against anyone except Australia?
  13. simmo1

    100 ball cricket

    Overall the rule changes and gimmicks didn't really have a big change on the game. One rule I did really like was that slow over ("fives") rates resulted in fielding team being allowed one less player outside the circle. Pace of the game was better as a result. Too many T20 games drag on for...
  14. simmo1

    Will Langer and Paine be sacked?

    Langer won't last. The players are off him and his results have been poor. The team has relied on Smith and Cummins for years. Marnus is the only player who has shown any improvement under Langer. Paine will retire by the end of the Ashes no matter the result.
  15. simmo1

    2021 T20 World Cup discussion thread

    Inglis is a great pick. Lead the run scorers in the England T20 league opening the batting, and was good for the Scorchers in the middle order. In last years IPL in the UAE, the pitches weren't as spin friendly as usual. There was a fair bit of pace, and the quicks had most of the success...
  16. simmo1

    MONDAY JULY 19th

    I'd think at least take the guy out for lunch or to a corporate box at a game as minimum. If you're going to give Tigers gear, maybe a personalised signed jersey (maybe he has a heap already?) would go further than something you've just grabbed from the gift shop on the way out.
  17. simmo1

    MONDAY JULY 19th

    Harry Triguboff worth over $10bn, let's secure his support by giving him a f**king raincoat.
  18. simmo1

    Match Discussion: Round 22 vs North Qld @ Queensland Country Bank Stadium

    Just on Matterson. Compare his reaction to smacking a bloke in the head to Harawira-Naera's. Speaks volumes of his character.
  19. simmo1

    Match Discussion: Round 23 vs Cronulla @ Browne Park

    The Sharks are very ordinary, but not as bad as we are. They seem more willing to play for 80 minutes than our mob, so there will need to be a big improvement on the past month of forty to get the win here.
  20. simmo1

    Cam Smith saying Tigers should make a play for Gutho

    He would definitely strengthen the NSW cup side, but I'm more concerned with the first grade team.

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