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    Cameron Smith?

    With Cameron Smith at a loose end and us losing our inspirational leader. Could we romanticise for a moment and ponder could Smith bring the team back into finals contention?
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    How long will it take to become a top 4 side again.

    This roster has been destroyed by McGregor and cannot be saved. If we get a proper coach how long will it take to rebuild the roster to make the top 4.
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    Division between 2 player groups.

    Ray Hardly on radio today spoke of a bitter division between the players caused by the Jack De Belin situation. Paraphrasing his points were. One group is backing JB uphill and down dale the other group won't even speak to him. This has put some players on non speaking terms with each. The team...
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    Geoff Toovey the man to have Dragons breathing fire again

    Geoff Toovey the man to have Dragons breathing fire again by Jack Blyth July 23, 2019, 9:23am They say he’s safe, but after what appears to be another bottom eight finish for the Dragons, the drums are beating louder and louder for the sacking of Paul McGregor. And despite a lack of quality...
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    Matthew Elliot as head coach.

    Last weekend on ABC radio Grandstand the compare asked Matthew Elliot would he coach the Dragons if asked. His reply was ' I would have to think about it for about 4.7 seconds and it would be a definite yes'. He would be better than Mary but would he be the answer? No for me. He was at times...
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    Russel Packer. Did we dodge a bullet?

    The Wests Tigers dropped Russell Packer because of his poor form. I thought he was going to be a long term Dragon and was disappointed he left the Dragons after the club supported him during and after his prison sentence. It seems Millward was correct in letting him go. This opened the door to...
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    Where do our forwards rate in 2019.

    Tonight's Easts & Storm match both packs were guilty of not putting in for the 80min but they were still very impressive when they Got into gear. It begs the question where does our forward pack rate at full strength in 2019. My top 4 Easts Storm Souths Dragons
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    Write the a Dragons off at your own peril.

    This is a story from the Telegraph. Many of the game’s best judges were thinking St George Illawarra were the best hope of stopping the Sydney Roosters winning back-to-back titles this season. Not anymore.You can’t lose a NSW Origin starting forward like Jack de Belin this close to the start of...
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    So far who has been the better signing Ben Hunt or Cooper Cronk?

    When Cronk came on the market we had already signed Hunt many of us myself included thought did we go too early in signing Hunt. After 5 rounds Ben Hunt has hit the ground running and has been a spectacular addition to the team. Watching Cooper Cronk he seems frustrated at times and so far has...
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    Dragons State of Origin possibles & probables.

    I know early days but on current form who will we lose to SOO selection. As we all know, geographically Qld is considered everywhere so James Graham may end up wearing that awful maroon jersey. Certainties Friz JDB Hunt Possible Vaughn Longer odds McInnes Sims
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    Ben Barba

    Would you sign him? Extract from Telegragh article. Could the NRL allow a return for exiled former Dally M winner Ben Barba? THE NRL is willing to extend Ben Barba a last chance lifeline — as long as he can prove he’s a changed man. Based in the UK Super League with St Helens, the former...
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    What are our chances?

    I for one are very excited about the up coming season. With the inclusion of James Graham and Ben Hunt you would think we have an excellent chance of making the Finals. But when I looked at the TAB betting there are 9 teams with shorter odds to make the top 8. I thought surely we are a much...
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    Bellamy hints at leaving Storm

    Graig Bellamy has hinted at leaving Melbourne Storm at the end of next season if a position became available at the Titans. I know we tried for him a few years ago and I for one was disappointed when he decided to stay on at the Storm. He might be talking up his next contract up to stay on at...
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    If Moylan walks on Penrith, could we afford him and would he be a good signing?
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    Sign Hayne ASAP

    The Telegraph's story on Hayne being a coach killer may have given the answer. If we sign Hayne, McGregor will soon be shown the door. Is Hayne our only hope?
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    What will happen in 2018

    After our good start to the season it has all gone belly up and our chances of making the eight are diminishing with every loss. One problem seems to be our lack of depth when a player gets injuried we don't seem to be able to cover positions like the salary cap rorter teams. This begs the...
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    Call an old fashion strike.

    The players, coach and board have no consideration for the fans. Pick a match and promote a no show day. The players repeatedly do not not show up to play so we should not show up to watch. Show them we won't be taken for granted anymore.
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    Billy Slater. What would you pay?

    In a SBS NEWS article they said 'Cooper Cronk and Billy Slater, both of whom are without NRL contracts beyond November.' Source. In the highly unlikely event Slater did not resign with Melbourne, should we...
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    Millward's delivers a world of pain.

    Yesterday gave a glimpse of 2018 without Dugan. Our backs lost their way without Dugan's toughness and direction. Millward's odd ball approach, to pay Dugan centre's money even though he almost played every game at fullback and we have no genuine fullback waiting in the wings to take over the...
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    Finally team finally hits form & then

    Widdop, Packer and Dugan that were in the doldrums are finally showing their class this year and now with cashed up clubs about it looks like it will be difficult to keep them here at the Dragons. I have the bad feeling if we lose these 3 players despite Hunt coming and good players coming...

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