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  1. soc123_au

    Gus to the Dogs

    This should be interesting. I don't think it will really affect us much, I cant see him wanting to undo the good things he did here by poaching key staff. I'm keen to see if he can rebuild their pathways. If he can it's a positive thing for the game.
  2. soc123_au

    News Once a dickhead.....

    The theory all Corey's are f**kwits just got a bit more traction.
  3. soc123_au

    Rumoured & Confirmed Signings - Part 5

    Seems the other one is locked, time for a new one. Hopefully some confirmations soon now that preseason has started.
  4. soc123_au

    PF2 Panthers vs Rabbits

    This is going to be huge. We need to belt them in the middle to win this. We cant let their halves into the game at all.
  5. soc123_au

    QF1 Panthers vs Roosters

    Might as well get this party started. Hopefully Brian is good to go, he deserves his place playing finals. This should be a hell of a game. I hope the boys are less nervous than I am. As @Smug Panther posted in another thread, if we win this then we will go all the way. This is the most...
  6. soc123_au

    Round 15 vs Sharks

    This is the game that decides if we get the Minor Premiership imo. We need an 80 minute performance in this one.
  7. soc123_au

    Round 13 vs The Green Machine

    Another big test this week. Hopefully the same side again this week except Staines obviously. MWZ will do an adequate job unless Ivan decides Naden to Wing & Burton is ready for a run in the Centres. Either way I'm happy enough. I'm not sure if CNK is back, with a bit of luck they will have...
  8. soc123_au

    Tomorrows Headline Thread

    Post your predictions for the games following day headline. "Scomo's jocks have 97 post GF Staines after debutants 4 try haul"
  9. soc123_au

    Round 8 vs Tigers

    We need to win this to consolidate after a tough month. They are pretty much out of props, so play them up the middle.
  10. soc123_au

    James Fisher-Harris Appreciation Thread.

    I'm calling it now, in 10 years he will be classed as our greatest ever forward. If we were ever to do another 5 year deal I would give it to him.
  11. soc123_au

    Top Dollar Plodders

    Watching some of the million dollar spuds running around made me wonder how quick you could blow the cap on a team of turds with the least amount of players. 1. Latrell (800k) 2. Dugan (900k) 3. Mbye (750k) 4. Milford (1m) 5. Moyza (800k) 6. Reynolds (900k) 7. Taylor (1m) 8. Shazza (700k) 9...
  12. soc123_au

    Warriors Players Rise to the Occasion They must be as frustrating as f**k to support as a footy team, but they are a decent lot. Some of the other players in the comp should feel ashamed of their more selfish attitudes.
  13. soc123_au

    Matt Moylan Appreciation Thread

    I havent been keeping up much this off season. How is the man with the silky hands going? Training the house down?
  14. soc123_au

    Round 18 VS Dragons

    We need to keep the streak going here. I'd like to see Cleary & Lui start & give Jimmy a rest.
  15. soc123_au

    Round 15 vs Roosters

    This should be a cracker, hopefully the boys are fired up and ready to rip in. @Tommy Smith will be shitting himself for this one.
  16. soc123_au

    Matt Cecchin Appreciation Thread

    This is one for the ages. Take a bow mother f**ker. 5 stars. For those not watching the game Captain Cam is in the bin for backchat.
  17. soc123_au

    Skeepe's halftime spray? Has to be Skeepe. Stay classy numbnuts.
  18. soc123_au

    3,2,1 VS Knights

    Haven't had one of these for a while. 3 TMM Best game he has played so far. 2 great efforts in cover defence. Had no idea he was that quick, 2 Yeo f**king beast. Fast becoming my favourite Panther 1 RCG Ran like a big merkin should, straight and hard. Needs to keep it up. Honourable mentions to...
  19. soc123_au

    Round 3 vs Roosters

    With Carty in Doubt who comes in? I would be tempted to start JFH and give May a run off the bench. Imagine the possibilities with a pair of Tyrones in the team.
  20. soc123_au

    Final dumb off season thread for 2017

    This comment made me think.. How irrational & biased are you? I can remember looking at some pretty ordinary team sheets over the years and being able to make a case for most of the players being one of the best in the comp in their position. Needless to say I'm as one eyed as they come...

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