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  1. hindy111

    Player Votes V Titans

    3. MATTERSON - No brainer. 2. MAHONEY - Excellent 1. N.Brown - Great game I thought Waqa had a go tonight, Rcg was strong and Dunster impressed me.
  2. hindy111

    Rn18 vs Titans GAME DAY THREAD Friday 16 July, 2021 @ 6pm

    Big game. I feel we will cop a real thrashing this evening. Hope I am wrong but a worrying game.
  3. hindy111

    How should I spend my $50

    I just won a pineapple $50 off @chiefy1. Would love suggestions on how I should spend my winnings.
  4. hindy111

    Who has the best Pack in the comp

    I'm putting it out there that we have the best pack in the comp. Mahoney is a top 3 hooker Jnr is the most unique prop in game RCG is back to his best Papalìì is the form back rower in comp. You then have the aggression of N.Brown. The skills of Matterson and Bryce While Kafusi is perhaps the...
  5. hindy111


    After his debut I mentioned it was the best I've seen from an eel maybe ever. Perhaps our best forward signing since G.Morrison or D.Pay. Deserved his own appreciation thread.
  6. hindy111

    2021 Power Rankings

    No 1 MELBOURNE STORM Tasted two defeats but yet to field strongest side. Once in sync and cohesion aligns they may go back to back. Still look the best side in the competition for mine. Papenhuazen is the form fullback of the comp. B.Smith is looking like he has a point to prove and H.Grant...
  7. hindy111

    Round 4: Player Votes V. Tigpies

    3. RHEED. 2 x TA, 2 x LBAs. A 40/20 2. Papalí - I rate him not far of our best forwards 1. N.Brown
  8. hindy111

    And then there was two

    We have two undefeated teams left in 2021. Both from Western Sydney. So who will be the first to fall? The Eels have Tigers kind of at home Saints at Home and then Canberra away. The Panthers have Manly away then Canberra at home followed by Brisbane away. If both made it through that...
  9. hindy111

    Milkenhauzen deliberate or not?

    What where peoples thoughts on this? It upset me much more then Kafusi dog shot. He obviously wasn't hurt. The question is was he trying to gain a penalty or was it more as Phil Gould suggested. His forwards where gassed and finished. He twice gave them a 2min stop to get breath back and...
  10. hindy111

    2021 your bench

    What are peoples pick for the bench Rnd 1/rnd2. Being Marata won't be available rnd 1.
  11. hindy111

    hindy111 is on the bus

    I'm on the bus boys. Now let's roll..... @strider @TheRam @Gary Gutful @Gronk @Poupou Escobar @Avenger @hineyrulz @chiefy1 @Noise @Hollywood Jesus @Eelogical @Ron Jeremy
  12. hindy111

    Congratulations and respect

    This year I have decided as fans of the game should pay respect and congratulate the achievement of the side who takes out the minor premiership. I have been considering this for the last few years but decided to wait for 2020. So to the PENRITH PANTHERS I would like to congratulate you on...
  13. hindy111

    Your side

    Looks like D.Browns done for season. What's your side? 1 Guth 2 Blake 3 Taka 4 MJ 5 Fergo 6 Salmon 7 Moses 8 RCG 9 Mahoney 10 Jnr 11 Lane 12 Matto 13 Brown 14 Niakuore 15 Kafusi 16 Stone 17 Davey
  14. hindy111


    I decided to base the Power ranking this year after rnd 10. That gives us 10 games to access teams. I've used a new method this season and a powerful new algorithm that factors in ladder position, schedule,missing players. It even factors in weather tempretures and oor reffs decision during...
  15. hindy111

    Our future captain

    I am starting to see some real leadership qualities in Rheed Mahoney. Against the Knights he was the calm head. Anyone else see him as the future leader of the club?
  16. hindy111

    Ray Stones Hands

    All updates please forward to this thread. I heard Ray Stone hurt his hand
  17. hindy111

    The long weekend

    How did you celebrate the first long weekend and travel allowed post corona?
  18. hindy111

    Funny things you did during The Corrola

    Ok I will say I started holding my breathe as I walked past motherf**kers in pubic and I poured bottled water on my hands when id get in car. I also pressed the pedestrian crossing button with my hip and eating a clove of garlic a day and 5 x vitamin c tablets. What did you motherf**kers do to...
  19. hindy111

    TV Series to self isolate with

    Some recommendations of good TV series. Have been watching breaking bad. Close to the end now. List then please.With star ratings.
  20. hindy111

    Ways to improve this website

    The ability to upload 3 or 4 photos at a time rather then one.