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  1. franklin2323

    2020 season

    So this year is as good as over. 2020 I don't see how we improve... The positive is we won't get all these Thurs and Fri night games. So won't ruin our weekends so early
  2. franklin2323

    Board Elections

    Given it is across a few threads. Best to keep it all together. So I think most on here want board level changes. November is the chance. The issue is you need someone to run. A fairly big name probably too. Surely someone on here knows an ex player or high profile person to run. Need to be...
  3. franklin2323

    Hame Sele Appreciation thread

    Can we give Sele RCG's contract?
  4. franklin2323

    Round 22 v Titans

    The big question on team selection is.. What to do with Peachey. Assuming they do infact want DWZ fullback
  5. franklin2323

    Round 9 v Cowboys

    Probably should start a thread. 21 I think we name: DWZ Crichton CHN Whare Phillips Peachey Maloney Merrin Wallace RCG Kikau Yeo JFH Katoa Hetherington Leota Tamou Egan Ellis May Aekins
  6. franklin2323

    Round 2 v Bulldogs

    This is the side I am expecting to be picked. I'd go TMM in for Seg but won't happen Hiku Mansour Whare Blake DWZ Soward Wallace Latu Peachey RCG Cartwright Yeo Merrin Matagi Latimore JFH Smith
  7. franklin2323

    season on the line.

    It's a long season but given our next 7 games after this week are: Parra. Melbourne. Bulldogs. Souths. WT. Roosters. Melbourne. We lose this week. We will be gone simply will need to go on a huge run of wins. Given we can't keep the same team on the park even 2 weeks in a row...
  8. franklin2323

    Soward out for 6 weeks

    Soward reported to be out for 6 weeks with a back injury. Time for Moylan in 6 & DWZ at fullback? I think that's the best option
  9. franklin2323

    State Championship Thread. Panthers v Pride

    Panthers: 1. Kieren Moss 2. Eto Nabuli 3. Waqa Blake 4. Kevin Naiqama 5. Wes Naiqama 6. Luke Capewell 7. Tom Humble 8. Sam Anderson 9. Kevin Kingston 10. Regan Campbell-Gillard 11. Ben Murdoch-Masila 12. Nathan Smith 13. Ryan Simpkins 14. Vaipuna Tia Kilifi 15. Kierran Moseley 16. Leilani...
  10. franklin2323

    Round 12 v Parra

    Should be a sellout. With a full squad aside from John. I expect this to be the side named tomorrow. Moylan. Mansour. Whare. Idris. Simmons. Soward. Wallace. McKendry. Kingston. Kite. Manu. Taylor. Docker: Segeyaro. Latimore. Plum. Brown.
  11. franklin2323


    So look at Wallace's stats from the weekend. 18 tackles, 8 missed. 0 line breaks. 1 hitup. 0 metres. 1 handling error. 16 kicks Walsh did similar was bagged. Yet certain people say Wallace played well... Sort of proves the point that I would of kept Walsh over Wallace & Walsh was bagged...
  12. franklin2323

    Digital channels putting 9 to shame.

    Saturday night NITV (Channel 34) show Newcastle v Aboriginal invitational live at 6.30. Not only that show the whole day live. 22nd Feb 8.30. TVS (Channel 44) show the Panthers documentary Walk the Kodoka. This along with the WC & 9's non showing show what a disgrace channel 9 are.
  13. franklin2323

    2014 NYC Squad

    Squad. Aione. Attwood. Aupouri. Bektas. Brackenhoffer. Blake. Boss. Cartwright. Cooper. Cowhan. Cusack. Dening. Dodd. Faatau. Faatau. Freeman. Geyer. Grant. Hall Hart. Hudd. Horo. Jay. Knox. Lupi. Moseley. Naden. Saunders. Scarlett. Schiller. Silipa. Smith. Selrattos. Taalili. Tangitau...
  14. franklin2323

    lost all 3 grades

    We lost all 3 grades. After great starts too the season both lower grades wont make top 4. Disappointing though coach change mid season are never good. NYC lost to Dragons, Sharks & Cowboys none will make the 8. NSW Cup lost to Manly & Wentworthville again no semis. So we are losing games we...
  15. franklin2323

    Round 22 v Cowboys

    Time to put last week behind us. I would go with this: Moylan. Mansour. Roberts. Whare. Simmons. Coote (Even if we don't play him but to put desperation in John). Walsh. Grant. Kingston. Latimore. Brown. Newton. Simpkins: Sege. Masoe. Ciraldo. VTK.
  16. franklin2323

    Lets pack Centrebet

    Well guys. We have 4 home games left 3 out of 4 we win we make the finals. So it's time to pack Centrebet to get the boys home. Sunday arvo game decent weather forecasted. Lets get everyone to go.
  17. franklin2323

    Toby Evans

    Finally he gets a game in Windsor. He is the best half we have in the club. Hard to find a fault in his game lets hope he gets a few games at the end of the year.
  18. franklin2323

    2nd tier cap

    Can someone explain to me how the 2nd tier cap works? Like I know it's $375k but we have out for the season or unknown: Coote Latimore Humble Austin So wouldn't we be able to keep Moylan, Robinson etc until they comeback?
  19. franklin2323

    Promotion & Marketing

    Given I live local so have the ads in local papers etc. I know when games are on. Though my question is to the majority on here that are not from the region. Do you get anything on facebook etc about the upcoming games? This week we are on the back of 4/5 winning streak. Record temperatures...
  20. franklin2323

    Bryce Cartwright

    I don't like putting pressure on young guys but he will be a star. Today. 80mins. 1 try 2 try assists and forced 2 errors with big hits. 2nd game in NSW Cup. He will probably go back to NYC once Austin, Anderson, Latimore etc comeback.