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  1. applesauce

    Bris-Bin Chickens Expansion Team

    In a similar vein to the Adelaide Pandas Expansion Team I present the BRIS-BIN CHICKENS RLFC
  2. applesauce

    Redcliffe Dolphins Bid

    Has not been announced anywhere else I have seen and the Dolphins may be the "additional Brisbane based team" that has been announced anonymously in other articles.
  3. applesauce

    Pie in the Sky Bid

  4. applesauce

    Twitter eyes NRL, AFL video deals

    Interesting move by Twitter, could be a foot in the door for actual broadcasting in the future.
  5. applesauce

    u20's 2014 Jersey

    Voting opened yesterday for next years 2014 jersey. The majority of the voting is going to 3 designs, the top 2 jerseys are leading followed by one of my entries (jersey number 9). Help me out guys ;-)
  6. applesauce

    Journalism, do you f**king speak it.

    Anyone else spot what monumental f**k up is in this story? Just shows the quality of work at the DT.
  7. applesauce

    2013 NRL E-Brochure

    Lots of good info in this, full of great stats across the entire game. Great to see this administration be more transparent and engaging than the previous one.
  8. applesauce

    Crowd Watch 2013

    Couldn't find a 2013 crowd thread.... All Stars match has over 32,000 tickets sold already, but sales have slowed since the flooding in Brisbane (according to the Courier Mail). Yesterday 5,023 were at the Parramatta v Newcastle trial.
  9. applesauce

    NRL Films

    Stumbled across this and had no idea about it (also it has a new logo that wasn't in the original media release). Thought it might intrest a few people and didn't know where to put it. I will now be finding some classic games to buy.
  10. applesauce

    Supercoach resources

    There are two areas I get most of my SC info from, thought I would share and grow these two communities. 1. NRL Supercoach Addicts (FB Group) FB Page: 1,500 members discussing tactics and latest news. Some of these guys are consistently in the...
  11. applesauce

    Why did this fail?

    See title.
  12. applesauce

    No more junior RL finals in Brisbane

    I understand this is not directly and NRL topic but this will have an effect on the NRL as a whole as juniors turn away from the game. This news story needs as many eyes on it as possible...
  13. applesauce

    Big League Poll

    There is currently a Big league poll on the NRL website (in its usual spot) asking 'What dictates whether you become a member of your club?'. Considering how people complain about pricing a lot of the time (and fair enough). I figured it is probably a good idea to have a vote and pick 'price'...
  14. applesauce

    Attn: Manly fans, how to ride a bus.!/photo.php?v=10151072132066025 Not having a go at the club for doing this as it is a good idea it is embassess "fans" to attend. But fair dinkum you know its bad when a gnome has to tell its "fans" how to ride a bus to a knockout game. :lol:
  15. applesauce

    Now Gold Coast United are gone...

    Will the Titans get a good deal from Stadiums QLD? The Government can't afford to let Skilled sit idle and unused if the Titans continue to lose coin from paying 300k to hold a single game and could one day fall over because of it. A massive massive amount of tax payer money could literally go...
  16. applesauce

    Fox Sports Dumps NRL FB Page

    Not good signs for the NRL's standing within FoxSports... They have decided to KEEP AFL (55) and Soccer (3,054) facebook pages but not their no.1 "liked" page, NRL (4,204). Here is an article they linked with the justification showing all the up to date FB and Twitter feeds: LINK Feel free...
  17. applesauce

    Best week 1 finals scenario.

    The table as it stands right now, does it produce the best possible outcome for week one games/rivalries of the possible contending top8 teams? 1 Dragons 2 Storm 3 Sea Eagles 4 Broncos 5 Cowboys 6 Wests Tigers 7 Warriors 8 Bulldogs Let's hope it stays like this, or the final...
  18. applesauce

    Final Report: Storm Salary Cap investigation

  19. applesauce

    Kangaroo team v NZ

    The VB Australian Kangaroos side has been named: Slater, B. Morris, Inglis, Hodges, Yow Yeh, Lockyer (c), Thurston, Civoncieva, Smith, Scott, Creagh, Thaiday, Gallen; Reserves: Cronk, Hannant, Idris, Shillington.
  20. applesauce

    Battlefield 3

    I think I have wood. f**k COD, this will blow anything Activision can make out of the water. It's almost too realistic!

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