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  1. sensesmaybenumbed

    Esan Marsters released to North Queensland, effective immediately.

  2. sensesmaybenumbed

    H HOLT plates

    Headed home today, saw these sharks number plates and had a good laugh. Well done to whoever got these.
  3. sensesmaybenumbed

    NSW women's team break through for first win against qld.
  4. sensesmaybenumbed

    Super Thread LXXV: Remembering forgotten memories

    And so on...
  5. sensesmaybenumbed

    JAC to storm I know he was signed from Cronulla, but have the storm ever had players from their lower grade teams pinched? On the...
  6. sensesmaybenumbed

    Tedesco. Fractured shoulder.

    Bugger... Wests Tigers can provide the following injury update after the team’s 30-22 win over the South Sydney Rabbitohs on Thursday night at ANZ Stadium. Fullback James Tedesco injured his left shoulder in the ninth minute of the game, with scans today showing that he has a...
  7. sensesmaybenumbed

    Wests Tigers statement on Leichhardt Oval

  8. sensesmaybenumbed

    Moltzen to Dragons a done deal?

    Remarkable developments!
  9. sensesmaybenumbed

    Google nexus 7 (2013) vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (7)

    Hello all - looking at getting a fairly cheap yet well built android tablet. Anyone have one of these and positive or negative feedback about it? Thanks!
  10. sensesmaybenumbed

    Superthread LXVIII: Honouring Sore Losers from Queensland

    It's for the best...
  11. sensesmaybenumbed

    FFB Tipping Comp 2014

    Hello and season 2014 is staring us in the face at last. We've got a couple of fantasy team comps for the gents and ladies who like a more complex game, and in addition to it I've set up a tipping comp on oztips, the same system that was used for last years tipping comp. It's just simple...
  12. sensesmaybenumbed

    Wests Tigers' landmark deal could become NRL boardroom blueprint

    Some good news for the lead up to a hopefully much improved 2014. Source
  13. sensesmaybenumbed

    Benji Marshall regrets - SMH article

    Source Yeah, it's great to finally have a long term solution at halfback. Things were looking up with Lui. Go Brooks!
  14. sensesmaybenumbed

    Superthread LVI. Honouring Bort.

  15. sensesmaybenumbed

    Superthread LV. Honouring Timana's Baybee ;-)


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