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  1. Poupou Escobar

    Whose play-the-balls lead to the most tries?

    These merkins: Papali'i 10 Campbell-Gillard 7 Nrown 6 Kaufusi 6 Lane 6 Paulo 5 Drown 4 Gutherson 4 Matterson 4 Smith 4 Moses 3 Niukore 3 Opacic 3 Cartwright 2 Scrum 2 Sivo 2 Turnover 2 Blake 1 Ferguson 1 Greig 1 Stone 1
  2. Poupou Escobar

    Arthur's wins until 55%

    16 to go. Come on Arthur's!
  3. Poupou Escobar

    Team succession 2020 -> 2021

    So because I don't do anything detailed or with any level of care or quality, I thought I'd put together a rough list of where each team is likely to improve/decline this year. However I might get bored and only do some of the teams. I'll see how I feel. Eels Improvements Top 17 gains: Opacic...
  4. Poupou Escobar

    Old Eels

    Interesting article: The three oldest teams in the comp finished in the top four this year. The youngest team ran last. This reminds me of our 2018 season where the two youngest teams finished in 15th and...
  5. Poupou Escobar

    Roosters evolution

    I thought it might be interesting to look at how the Roosters rebuilt after their 2002 premiership squad declined. It'll mostly just be a list of years since 2004 (their third straight grand final) with win rate and position, as well as new signings who played in the top 17 in their first year...
  6. Poupou Escobar

    Arthur's losses until 50%

    Right now he needs six more (wins minus losses) to hit parity. He might even do it this year. As a side note, Gutherson has won more games than Tom Trbojevic and Trbo has lost more games.
  7. Poupou Escobar

    Solid article about defensive workrate

    This clever merkin has worked out a better stat for ddefensive involvement than mere tackles-per-minute: It's a pretty good read, and illustrates some stuff about current and former Eels players. A quote:
  8. Poupou Escobar

    Winning Eels

    I find it disturbingly interesting to follow the win rates of players while playing for Parra. Particularly whether they've won more or less than half their games in an Eels jersey. Obviously those players who hadn't played first grade for us before this year will have positive records as...
  9. Poupou Escobar

    Winningest Eels in 2019

    Small sample but what the f**k. Here's the win percentages of our players this year. Number of games in parenthsjjs: 75% Stone (4 games) 67% Evans (9) 67% Drown (3) 67% Nrown (3) 57% Gower (7) 57% Hoffman (7) 56% Salmon (9) 55% Mennings (11) 55% Moeroa (11) 54% Sivo (13) 50% Gutherson (14) 50%...
  10. Poupou Escobar

    The off contract thread 2021

    This was the state of the 2018 off contract thread in August: It appears Niukore was either re-signed without an announcement, or his initial contract had an extra year in there (perhaps an option?) which was likewise never announced. Leleisiuao, Mahoney and Stone were also already contracted...
  11. Poupou Escobar

    Consecutive top four finishment

    So I was just having a shit, and the thought struck me. This year could be a fairly significant achievement for us, even before we get to the finals. If we again finish in the top four, it will be the first time we have achieved consecutive top four finishes since '98-'99. Only the second time...
  12. Poupou Escobar

    2018 Salary Cap information, including NRL Development List

    Hay Guys! Looks like there is something official about minimum salaries and shit for next year. Feast your eyes (but f**k them too) on this: Interesting bits: So we need to sign/upgrade a player by March, and then grab another by the...
  13. Poupou Escobar

    The off contract thread, 2018

    These merkins are (as far as I know) off contract at the end of the season. By this I mean, there has been no signing announcement regarding each player's contract status beyond next year. Some weren't announced at all, and might have signed beyond 2018, while others were announced up until the...
  14. Poupou Escobar

    How good are our hookers? (Not a Bernie joke)

    So I've been involved in a respectful and intellectual discussion on a different Parramatta Eels forum, and I compiled some stats comparing King, Kritchard and Cameron Smith. I repost them here for your arguing pleasure. Obviously some are of less use than others, but I include them here because...
  15. Poupou Escobar

    Winningest Eels

    So the longest serving Eels have, surprise surprise, generally lower win percentages than those who have played the fewest games. Obviously Davis and Ualesi completely disprove my assertion and I am therefore wrong: Games Name Win% 198 Mannah 40.4% 87 Radradra 50.6% 77 Norman 53.3% 77 Terepo...
  16. Poupou Escobar

    [IYO] Who are our five highest paid players?

    Who do you reckon earns the most in our team, specifically, who are the top five? Not necessarily who are worth the most right now, but who would have been worth the most when they signed their most recent contracts. Bear in mind that many if not most contracts are back-ended, especially for...
  17. Poupou Escobar

    Round 17 othered

    Go the f**ken Tits Want to lose this weekend: Dragons Cowboys Panthers Warriors HM: Raiders
  18. Poupou Escobar

    Second half penalties

    I was just having a whinge in the game day thread in the NRL forum and thought I should repost here for the rest of you merkins. WTF is going on with our opposition in the second half? Why are they so disciplined despite their fatigue? Seven times this year (in 16 games) our opposition have...
  19. Poupou Escobar

    Top 25

    This year we have used 26 players. I am certain that those 26 plus IDG encompass our entire top 25. Let me know if I'm overlooking anything/anyone. This would mean two of the players we have used are outside our top 25. Here's the list (players in bold are uncontracted for 2018, or at least...
  20. Poupou Escobar

    Where were these merkins two years ago?

    1. French: playing fullback for the NYC team 2. Radradra: third season in first grade 3. Takairangi: sixth season in first grade and first at the Eels 6. Gutherson: third season in first grade for Manly (but only five games total), season ending injury in round one 5. Davis: playing centre for...

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