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  1. Yosh

    Assuming we don't make the grand final...

    If the Knights don't win the grand final at the end of the year, who would you like to see win it? Why? (Let's try to be semi realistic and rule out the sides that aren't going to make it to the finals). I have always hated the Storm but after their big three retired I don't think I hate...
  2. Yosh

    The High Tackle Crackdown

    Totally random but in the Roosters and Panther's game, one of the Roosters' lads got 10 in the bin for forearming Nathan Clearly as he was slipping and falling to the ground. So far our players have been really disciplined but I would hate for us to go a man down in a game we need to win to make...
  3. Yosh

    Boyd Cordner Retires

    Didn't know where to post but with Cordner retiring, can we get someone like him back at the club in some form? He is a Newy boy right? The exact sort of character we need the boys to learn from.
  4. Yosh

    The Game Plan with Anthony Seibold

    Anyone watch 'The Game Plan'? This Seibold lad seems to know what he is talking about. Breaks down attacking plays really well. So the million dollar question is, why does our attack look so one dimensional?
  5. Yosh

    Rate our Season 2020

    Probably a bit soon with the horrible loss still fresh but how do you guys rate our season? I'd give us a solid 6/10. Some bad games in there but there was promise and getting into the top 8 was always going to get at least a pass mark. We were a win away from 6th. Would have been amazing to...
  6. Yosh

    Lock ins for 2021

    Who we got? 1. Ponga 2. Lee 3. Tuala 4. Best 5. Hunt 6. 7. Pearce 8. Klemmer 9. Brailey 10. Dan Saifiti 11. Frizell 12. 13. Barnett 14. Mann 15. Jacob Saifiti 16. Saulo 17. Jones 18. Crossland 19. Toa Is that it?
  7. Yosh

    Ref Calls and Our Games

    Just watching the Roosters and Titans game and just saw: Tedesco gives away a professional foul but stays on because Dodd scores the try. 4 points because of missed conversion. Two minutes later, Kelly professional foul gets sent off, Roosters take the two and then the next play Tedesco...
  8. Yosh

    Short flat ball Pearce to Fitzgibbon

    This needs a thread or a go fund me page or something. Please can we put in an official complaint to the Knights board. It needs to stop. It's embarrassing...
  9. Yosh

    Next week team vs. Storm

    7. Not Pearce 11. Not Fitzy Don't really care about the rest.
  10. Yosh

    Rate em Rookies~

    Thought I'd try creating a thread to keep all the Rookie discussions in one place. It seems we're blooding some real fine talent lately compared to seasons gone by. I think everyone can agree Hoy and Randall had excellent games but what do you guys think about Brodie Jones? Didn't notice...
  11. Yosh

    KOTR vs Penriff

    Sad... But it was the last round after all. 3 - Star Toa Loved his try. Was good to see our right winger out pace the chasers for a highlight reel of a try. SKD has been great but he would have been chased down after 14 metres. 3 - Watson Got sent off but loved his charge down and then...
  12. Yosh

    Home Ground Attendance

    Found this in Reddit. We have great numbers coming even though we keep sucking. How many will we get if we are consistently a top 4 side. The fans definitely deserve better than what the club has served up the past decade or so...
  13. Yosh

    Knights who sucked a little less vs Tigers

    2 - Klemmer 2 - Saifiti 1 - Watson 1 - Ponga
  14. Yosh

    Our Ferrari in the Garage: Ramien

    So why has he been so ineffective this season? Is it our system? Is it the lack of a good play maker inside him? Is he a one trick pony? What is it? His defense has been great bar the Roosters game but I'm yet to see him beat a man with footwork, hit a gap at speed and break line or set up his...
  15. Yosh

    Team vs. Tigers

    Surely a must win if there ever was one. 1. Ponga 2. Hunt 3. Moga 4. Ramien 5. SKD 6. Mann/Lino 7. Pearce 8. Klemmer 9. Watson 10. DSaifiti 11. Barnett 12. Guerra 13. Glasby 14. Levi/Crossland 15. Ese'ese 16. JSaifiti 17. Sione I wanna see soemthing like this. Wouldn't mind seeing Watson...
  16. Yosh

    KOTR vs Warriors

    Thought we did real well tonight. 2 - Sione 1 - Ese'ese 1 - SKD 1 - Gavet 1 - JSaifiti
  17. Yosh

    KOTR vs Rabbits

    Daniel Saifiti - 6 I don't care.
  18. Yosh

    Favorite Knights Moment of 2019

    I didn't know where to post this so just made a thread. What's has been your favorite Knights moment of 2019? There have been so many these past five weeks but that defensive set after Ponga went off injured was so good. We drove them back further than 20 metres over three tackles. Then the...
  19. Yosh

    Danny Levi...

    Am I being unreasonably harsh? This guy is rubbish. I think I hate him more than other Knights player ever. Georgie Carmon, Reegan Tanner... This guy tops them all.
  20. Yosh

    The David Klemmer Appreciation Thread.

    Been loving his stuff. Promised to bring metres and aggression to the team and has brought it in spades. Loved how he bullied Tariq after the late hit on Pearce. Teams used to bully us but no more. Klemmer is the biggest, baddest, bestest bully out there. He is so good he even has Josh King...