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  1. LazyDreamer


    My son's a Raiders supporter & wondering what's the story with big Tom. Obviously some sort of long-term injury? Can anyone give me an update?
  2. LazyDreamer

    Group 10 Dally Messenger 100 year anniversary
  3. LazyDreamer

    No more sleeps to go...

    C'morrrn boys, just 80 more minutes. Fire the f*** up, go hard & do yourselves proud!
  4. LazyDreamer

    Country support for Dragons.

    Just thought I'd fill in you city slickers on what this week is like in the country. I'm in Orange - pop approx 40,000. 300kms north-west of Sydney. We had alot of bandwagon Eels supporters here last year due to Daniel Mortimer being a local product. But towards the end of last year, you...
  5. LazyDreamer

    Grand final tickets

    Have just come off 12 hours at work & my brain is dead... I've been asked by a couple of young ladies who have decided they want to attend the GF, where can they get tickets? Ticketek is apparently sold out. Is there anywhere (besides the scalpers' paradise that is eBay) they could...
  6. LazyDreamer

    Well done to the Raiders

    As a Dragons fan, I'd like to offer my commiserations for tonight, but my congratulations for an awesome season. As I said to my devastated 10yo dyed-in-the-wool Raiders-supporting son, "Mate, be proud of what your team achieved this year." Thoroughly enjoyed watching the Green Machine this...
  7. LazyDreamer

    Any chance of a banner-related favour at this week's game?

    Just wondering if anyone is up for a favour? By way of a banner/sign at the Poosters game? A workmate retired today after 35 years in the same job. Rabid Dragons supporter (man, I'm gonna miss our chats!), nicest, most unassuming bloke you'd ever hope to meet. Left with little-to-no fanfare...
  8. LazyDreamer

    Not another thread about our jumper...

    With today the stated "half-way point" of the comp (a tad over 1/2 way for us game-wise with no byes & all that, but anyway), I was wondering if anyone could confirm exactly how many times we've worn a white jumper with red V in the 13 games we've played? I'm thinking once, maybe twice.
  9. LazyDreamer

    Probably the umpteenth thread on 'Slater the grub'

    I know among my 300-odd posts is the claim last year that Billy Slater elbows players in the head when tackled. In fact, pretty sure it was round 1 2009, when Hornby tackled & 'turtled' him, that Slater - barely disguising it as trying to flail himself to his feet - repeatedly elbowed Ben Hornby...
  10. LazyDreamer

    Rumoured press conference: Dragons to drop the red V

    Thought I'd join in. My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who passed this email on last night. I guess it's pretty serious. The St George Illawarra Dragons rugby league club has today announced a revamp...
  11. LazyDreamer

    Far Ken Funny

    Dunno if this subject has been broached before (behead & crucify me if it has), but what's the funniest moment from a Dragons game? For me, it's either 95 or 96 (leaning towards 95 for no reason at all), Western Reds vs Dragons, bit of a tiff between Brownie & Mark Geyer, Geyrer penalised, as...
  12. LazyDreamer


    Jebus H Christopherson! What happened? Was I asleep? Drunk? In a state of suspended reality a la Fight Club? Is my memory that shot? Am I that stupid, forgetful or slow? Am I schitzo and one of my other personalities has kept it from me? But when tha phuq did Jase Ryles sign with the Poosters...
  13. LazyDreamer

    Hi. My name is Michael, and I'm a Telegraphaholic.

    It's been 7 days since I ceased buying that piece of crap tabloid garbage. Mind you, it's been 12 weeks since I gave up smoking, so this was easy in comparison. I had been a Tele-a-day buyer since January 1990. In that time, there was probably no more than 20 days all up I didn't buy it. I'm...
  14. LazyDreamer

    It's merely Groundhog Day.

    Meh. Before today we had to win three games in a row to win the comp. After today, that will not have changed. Better to lose now than a week out from the GF. Bring on the Broncos!
  15. LazyDreamer

    Can we start openly enjoying being top of the ladder in peace?

    Dunno if it's just me or not... It seems whenever a Dragons supporter mentions the fact we're top of the ladder & heading towards the minor premiership, we get howled down as chokers. We get howled down because it's still over a month to the finals. We get howled down simply because it's the...
  16. LazyDreamer

    WTF does 'beached as army' mean?

    Sorry - saw this banner flying proud with other Dragons banners at the Wariors game. Cannot for the life of me work out what the hell it means. Anyone?
  17. LazyDreamer

    The biff. The message being sent.

    Just stumbled on the Watts vs Farah stoush in this arvo's game. Watts belts into Farah as a scrum is completed, gets warned. Next scrum, despite ref warnings, Farah opens a can of woop-ass on Watts, definitely taking the points decision. 2 x sinbins, penalty to Tigers. There's 2 messages...