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  1. Slackboy72

    Moore Park...we have a problem. Blowouts.

    They're increasing and by a lot. Here are the winning margins of the last ten years. This is all on PVL and his bullshit rule changes. It's killing the game.
  2. Slackboy72

    What the hell is going wrong with Manly???

    Dessie's credentials are pretty strong. They have the "weakest QLD side" captain guiding them round the park. Their roster may not be the best but it isn't weak. Yes they lost AFB but it's not like they are getting torn apart up the middle. Tommy Turbo cannot be the difference between this side...
  3. Slackboy72

    Could souffs seconds make the 8?

    AKA how f**king bad are the dragons this year?
  4. Slackboy72

    Nine dumps Ray Hadley

    Football has been saved!
  5. Slackboy72

    Your team's least wanted player - aka pick my SuperCoach team

    Doing this for Supercoach. I'm going to try and assemble a team of the least liked players. But not players universally hated. Players whose own fans hate seeing on their own team sheets. Darius. Aitken. RCG. Blair. The lesser Burgii. SKD. Taking all suggestions.
  6. Slackboy72

    Wear dark colours, get injured. True story.

    From Is this an argument to drop the red rag?
  7. Slackboy72

    Go left, get points.

    A perfect illustration of our glaring weakness today. The worst right side defense in the game. 15th minute - Hunt runs out of the line, Aitken pulled in, Saab left to cover 15m of tryline. Titans try to Kelly. 37th minute - Saab not keeping a straight line leads to a clean line break for...
  8. Slackboy72

    Which team has the worst fanbase?

    Last time this was asked was in 2012 and 2009 before that. Specifically I'm not just asking about behavior to fellow fans but also to their own club and in online communities. Think Matt Orford's Audi. 'Oust Doust' banners. Adamkungl and all his alts. I just think that it would be good if we...
  9. Slackboy72

    OT: SAINTS SACK COACH OF 5 YEARS!!! I'm sure some of you will be devastated by this.
  10. Slackboy72

    Benji Marshall's top 13 3 Dragons selected 1 Billy Slater 2 Jason Nightingale - "a bit unco to be honest" 3 Mark Gasnier 4 Greg Inglis 5 Taniela Tuiaki 6 Jonathon Thurston 7 Stacey Jones 8 Shane Webcke 9 Robbie Farah 10 Petero Civoniceva 11 Sam Burgess 12...
  11. Slackboy72

    Was Lomax offside? AKA rules need re-writing

    In the Dragons v dogs game yesterday Norman put up a bomb. It was dropped by canterbury retrieved by Ben hunt who put Lomax over. VR looked at it and deemed that even though Lomax was offside at the kick, he was not within ten metres of the dogs player who played at the ball...
  12. Slackboy72

    It's time we stopped fighting and come together to unite

    ..with a great big lol@souffs.
  13. Slackboy72

    OT: Which one of you filthy bastards is this
  14. Slackboy72

    OT: Remember Peter Mulholland?

    Here he is complaining about how hard recruitment is for Canberra. You made your bed Pete.
  15. Slackboy72

    Napa sin bin

    SECTION 15 PLAYERS MISCONDUCT 1. A player is guilty of misconduct if he: ... (b) when effecting or attempting to effect a tackle makes contact with the head or neck of an opponent intentionally, recklessly or carelessly. ... Discuss...
  16. Slackboy72


    When duty calls: McInnes bolts from Anzac clash to hospital for birth URL link: Congratulations to Cam, Rachel and Talanoa(???).
  17. Slackboy72

    OT: Ross Higgins aka Ted Bullpit passes.

    Ross Higgins from Kingswood Country has passed at the age of 85. RIP.
  18. Slackboy72

    What the f**k happened to Mafia???

  19. Slackboy72

    Biggest disappointment of 2016 regular season

    2016 has seen some pleasant surprises (Raiders, Panthers and Titans) but it has seen more than its fair share of disappointments. I was wallowing on how awful the Dragons have been this year but then I remembered just how awful the year has been for Souths and Easts. I started wondering if we...
  20. Slackboy72

    Zero is the new black OR Time for NRL to look at streaming.

    From the Australian Financial Review Edited for brevity. The key takeaway is that NRL is mostly funded by the sale of FTA and pay TV rights. The ability of those who pay for that is...