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  1. Dragsters

    Dear Ryan Webb, CEO St. George-Illawarra Dragons...

    Could you please enlighten us Dragons faithful as to why the most credentialled coach available, Shaun Wane, the only one that realistically ticks all of your criteria, and some, appears absent from all touted lists of potential Dragons coaching candidates? Thanks in advance. Dragons Faithful...
  2. Dragsters

    "IN WANE WE TRUST" ................ Shaun Wane that is.

    There's a group of us Dragons tragics who agree we need a fresh start, a proper career coach with a record that speaks for itself, a clean slate, not a reject coach from another NRL club and we all agree that Shaun Wane is the man to resurrect this once great club. 3 time premiership winner...
  3. Dragsters

    Everybody loves Mary, but Paul can't coach....

    From this day until if and when he is no longer Dragons Head coach I am refraining from calling him by his lovable nickname. I believe this is part of the problem with the media refusing to ride him for his underperformance as they would and do, to any other coach with a record as poor as his...
  4. Dragsters

    Steven Masters to Bunnies?

    Just heard a rumour. Anyone got anything...
  5. Dragsters

    3-2-1 vs storm

    3 - Leilua 2 - Mcinnes 1 - Lawrie
  6. Dragsters

    Lachlan Timm...

    ... so I heard the whispers and thought I'd check the CC match today, albeit slightly delayed. This bloke looks more than capable of claiming the number 14 NRL Dragons jersey. Has run like steam train today and has been intimidating in defense. Get him in I say...
  7. Dragsters

    3-2-1 vs Cows

    3 - Hunt 2 - Mr Ravalava 1 - Host
  8. Dragsters

    3-2-1 vs Dogs

    The effort was there today so why the hell not... 3 - Hunt 2 - Norman 1 - Mr Ravalava Well done Friz and Vaughan on big efforts backing up. I thought Tariq looked better today and nice to have Korbin back as well...
  9. Dragsters

    Abbas Miski. Discuss...

    Saw him play a junior game a few years back. Played well then too. How many wingers are we currently supplying nrl sides right now??? 100% of manlys at least...
  10. Dragsters

    3-2-1 vs Donkeys

    3 - Hunt 2 - Sims 1 - Ah Mau
  11. Dragsters

    3-2-1 vs tigpies

    3 - Luc 2 - Mann 1- Sims
  12. Dragsters

    3-2-1 vs Eels

    Only joking...
  13. Dragsters

    3-2-1 vs Warriors

    3 - McInnes 2 - Ah Mau 1 - Pereira
  14. Dragsters

    3-2-1 vs Rorters

    3 - Ah Mau 2 - Nightingale 1 - Sims
  15. Dragsters

    Luciano Leilua

    Luciano has really impressed me over the last few weeks. He is running much harder into the line and is letting his ball playing skills flow with some deft passes. His defence is becoming more solid and he played long minutes tonight which indicates his fitness is improving. He still has some...
  16. Dragsters

    3-2-1 vs Cows

    3 - Sims 2 - Dufty 1 - De Belin
  17. Dragsters

    3-2-1 vs Tigpies

    3 - Vaughan 2 - Frizzell 1 - Graham
  18. Dragsters

    3-2-1 vs purple cheaters

    3 - Nightingale 2 - Widdop 1 - McDonald
  19. Dragsters

    3-2-1 vs eels

    3 - Dufty 2 - Widdop 1 - McInnes
  20. Dragsters

    3-2-1 vs Sea Eagles

    3 - Sims 2 - Widdop 1 - Lafai