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  1. Liam

    Steve Southern

    I'm happy to admit I was wrong on this signing. How good were some of those shots today?
  2. Liam

    LU - Greatest Drummer Of All Time

    Inspired by the guitarist thread. For me it's Danny Carey from Tool, the dude must have about 10 arms, he manages to play about 3 different time signatures at once.
  3. Liam

    What Happened To Vaivai?

    I'm not a Souths fan so I'm not up to date with these things but I remember he was killing it last year in NYC and got a promotion and held his own in FG but I'm haven't seen him for what seems like all year.
  4. Liam

    No Comment

  5. Liam

    Ben Rogers

    How long for his terrible headbutt on Vidot's knee?
  6. Liam

    Tim Smith

    source: Could this be the halfback we need?
  7. Liam

    Cancer scare for Mannah
  8. Liam

    Byron Fruen

    Can someone please explain the hype around this kid to me? Whenever I've seen him play he doesn't look good enough to make any position his own, too slow for centre, not a good enough defender for second row/lock and a terrible passing game for a hooker.
  9. Liam

    Shannon McDonell

    Thanks for giving him to us.
  10. Liam

    Team For Next Year

    For me: 1. Stapleton 2. Gardner 3. Ferguson 4. Wright 5. Covell 6. Kelly 7. Porter 8. Douglas 9. Aiton 10. Snowden 11. Gallen 12. Tupou 13. Barrett 14. Morris 15. Millington 16. Cuthbertson 17. Williams
  11. Liam

    Your Team V Raiders

    I'm assuiming Houston, Fa'aoso, Gidley and Mullen all get selected. 1. McDonnell 2. Lulia 3. Sau 4. MacDougall 5. Uate 6. Hilder 7. Dureau 8. Taufua 9. De Gois 10. Wicks 11. Paterson 12. Taia 13. Simpson 14. Naiqama 15. Karawana 16. Tolar 17. Edwards
  12. Liam

    Laurie Daley

    He is one of the worst commenatators around, I would have thought that to be a commentator you'd have to be able to talk clearly. I don't think I've seen him talk for 5 minutes without stuttering uncontrolably.
  13. Liam

    Chris Walker Try

    bullsh*t. Discuss.
  14. Liam

    Ben Hannant Contracts Swine Flu
  15. Liam

    Robbie Farah

    Heard he's in doubt for this weeks game, need to know if he's playing for fantasy.
  16. Liam

    Sisa Waqa

    Deadset, worst performance from a first grade winger I think I've ever seen.
  17. Liam

    Team Of The Decade

    Who do you rate as the 17 best players this decade? For me it's: 1. Lockyer (c) 2. Inglis 3. Girdler 4. Hodges 5. Gasnier 6. Fittler 7. Johns 8. Webcke 9. Buderus 10. Price 11. Tallis 12. Hindmarsh 13. Kennedy 14. Morley 15. Civoniceiva 16. SBW - The guy is a douche but he was a great...
  18. Liam

    1989 Grand Final

    They're showing it on Fox Sports 2 now if anyone is interested.
  19. Liam

    Too Late Now, We're Suing The Storm