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  1. Sans Souci Sainter

    Michael Hutchence was pretty Awesome...

    Charisma. Vocals. What more do you want! He was f**ken great. An Australian legend.
  2. Sans Souci Sainter

    Red Zone? 2020

    Is it only available through Thanks.
  3. Sans Souci Sainter

    Hey Raiderrrrrrsssssss....

    Do you see this ‘Pandemic’ situation as impinging on your “window of opportunity” for Premiership success? Genuine question. Don’t get me wrong, if Covid-19 was to ever roll-up in a hotel lobby, we all know Ricky would be there... What about a shortened season? I’m going to need to know what...
  4. Sans Souci Sainter

    Week 5

    A tasty Thursday match up. Russell dropping dimes with the Rams hanging tough.
  5. Sans Souci Sainter

    Survivor Tipping - 2019

    @nick87 Go on buddy. You’re the best at running it. :wink:
  6. Sans Souci Sainter

    Darren Lockyer’s hair?

    Just saw him on 100% Footy. He looks like an “Ye Ole Time Mr Burns” with that little curl he is cultivating at the front. What is doing?! Only watching Nein for the first time in ages due to being away for Easter. How long has this been going on?
  7. Sans Souci Sainter

    UBet and their Queensderpy Trifecta’s?

    I’m up sweating my ring out in Cairns and will go down to Townsville tomorrow to tick a box @ 1300Smiles:grin: where, hopefully, the Mighty Saints will go marchin’ in... Humble brag aside, can someone explain why these Queensderpers can’t just do a normal Flexi box trifecta like every other...
  8. Sans Souci Sainter

    The Dollop - Podcast

    Not sure if there’s a podcast section but I saw Joe Rogan’s here, so bugger it. Iafeta put me on to this recently and it is hilarious as it is historically interesting. I would recommend starting with “The Rube”.
  9. Sans Souci Sainter

    Super Bowl LIII

    Fire up you toey humans!!! I’m about to shoot some hot-sauce, with some ranch on the side! Way too quiet in here. I reckon the quietness is due to the evenness. And whenever that happens, it’s a blowout. But which way?!?! I’m hoping Rams, but soooo wary of the dirty arse Pats. What’s...
  10. Sans Souci Sainter

    NFL - Week 16

    Geeze Carolina really died in the arse.
  11. Sans Souci Sainter

    NFL - Week 14

    Titans v Jags to kick it off for the Thursday night game. Titans have been quite boring to watch this year.
  12. Sans Souci Sainter

    NFL 2018 - Week 13

    A reality check for dem ‘Boys today when they finally come up against a decent team?
  13. Sans Souci Sainter

    NFL 2018 - Round 8

    Texans Dolphins. Interesting battle of the shit trucks.
  14. Sans Souci Sainter

    NFL 2018 - Week 7

    The Tards really stinking it up here. Still reckon Giants get #1 pick.
  15. Sans Souci Sainter

    NFL 2018 - Week 3

    Browns 3 point favourites. Just lol. :yum:
  16. Sans Souci Sainter

    Survivor Tipping

    Anyone keen on running it?
  17. Sans Souci Sainter

    Mangina Bowl III : chat and what-not

    You think you’re gonna win the “Super-Bowl Cut” with that shit list, you stupid prick-tard?! Hi, I’m the Dreamweavers PR mana-person,... On behalf of Haynesville we’d like to start this little thread here to talk about the upcoming season. We are all very excited. Any smack can be...
  18. Sans Souci Sainter

    Rose Byrne

    Gorgeous. Stunning.
  19. Sans Souci Sainter

    Week 13

    Chiefs losing to the Jets?! :joy: They’re having themselves a St.George-esque season fade out there.
  20. Sans Souci Sainter

    Week 11

    Not a bad game for Thursday night. I have to say the Steelers colour rush looks pretty cool. Titans not too bad either.