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  1. WestyLife

    Round 14 Vs Sharks

    Step 1: rest everyone except Api unless he plays origin. Step 2: keep building our depth experience. Step 3: profit.
  2. WestyLife

    NSW Cup Vs Dragons.

    Hope Naden has a good game. Looks fit as others have said.
  3. WestyLife

    Round 7 Vs Knights

    How will the roster change. Naden to fullback as he's there in reserve grade or Naden to centre seem the two top possibilities? Momirovski cops dangerous contact charge Panthers centre Paul Momirovski is facing time on the sidelines after being charged with dangerous contact following...
  4. WestyLife

    Duplicate thread ignore.

    Waited for someone to make the thread but it's teamlist Tuesday.
  5. WestyLife

    Round 4 Vs Manly Scans have confirmed Panthers fullback Dylan Edwards suffered a broken hand in Thursday's victory over the Storm. The injury occurred in a tackle during the first half at BlueBet Stadium and Edwards failed...
  6. WestyLife

    Round 2 Vs Bulldogs [THE MATT BURTON CUP]- Bankwest Stadium 3pm Sat

    Our middle should be dominant with them missing Thompson and playing Napa plus the dogs defence against second rowers was pretty poor which will be interesting for Kikau, Capewell and Martin.
  7. WestyLife

    Round 1 Panthers Vs Cowboys - Panthers Stadium

    After the trial a few points. The right side needs better involvement. the attack stopped at the second rower that side excluding one bat on from Edwards which was ruled forward. good idea though from Dyl. He also needs to start getting that one man cut out pass to the right for Staines...
  8. WestyLife

    Round 20 Vs Bulldogs.

    Ivan said he'll be considering resting players and I imagine there'll be plenty ready for week 1 against either Roosters or Eels. Again Ivan said that's their focus now.
  9. WestyLife

    Round 11 Vs Titans @Cbus Super Stadium - Sunday 26th July 4pm

    So on a scale of Darius Boyd to Matt Burton what chances we see Daine Laurie get a debut? Staines got a run so I assume Ivan isn't above giving guys a go this year.
  10. WestyLife

    Matt Burton and Jarome Luai

    I've been hyping Burton and wanted him at 6 but I'm happy to say it looks like Luai is sorting himself out and remembering he can play as a half after spending so much time on the bench behind Maloney. You can't take the 6 off him while he's doing well so it begs the question. What do they do...
  11. WestyLife

    Panthers Judiciary Thread.

    Round 6 Vs Storm Jarome Luai has been charged. JUST IN - Jarome Luai charged with dangerous contact following the win over Melbourne. See the tackle here :arrow_down: :pencil: #pantherpride
  12. WestyLife

    Round 6 Vs Storm

    Edwards is definitely going to be back and I'm actually keen to see how he goes with the new style of game opening things up for a good runner of the ball like him. It's pretty well known he's the fittest and most athletic at the club. Edit: I think this improves greatly Overlap: Not...