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    Interesting interview on the Dragons podcast. I think the jury is still out on the 3 coaches ability to get the Dragons firing again but some of the points he made were interesting. * Need to work on their lack of resilience & ability to cope with adversity. Sustaining form also a issue * Hook...
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    Dragons & tigers Fans treated like fools

    Websters article below from todays SMH. He is spot on with some of it but what the f--k can be done when the Boards cant be voted out !!! Dont agree re Simms but the negative nellies on here will relish this and the positive Petes will think "well when you put it like that ! The real damage...
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    Strike 2 to Hook ?

    Arm-banned: Griffin considered de Belin for captaincy until Dragons intervention By Michael Chammas Six weeks after Jack de Belin misled the NRL and St George Illawarra officials about his whereabouts on the night of Paul Vaughan’s house party, Dragons coach Anthony Griffin was considering...
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    Club Update

    Perhaps forumites with better skills can upload it for others but its good that Webby is at least trying to keep us in the loop. Very positive from both him & Hook and one gets the sense that the owners have given them the green light to do what they think has to be done. ( different ways ...
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    Hunt pleading for time

    St George Illawarra’s multimillion-dollar skipper Ben Hunt has pleaded with passionate Red V fans to wait at least a month before launching a fresh attack on the perennial underachievers. While Hunt is clinging to faint hope Corey Norman escapes an NRL-imposed one-match ban for his Cronulla...
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    4 new Dragons on Legends Walk

    Well, who would you pick.Talk about a can of worms ! Currently as below . Reckon Brett Morris, Frank Burge, Herb Gilbert,George Carstairs, Frank Facer ( player & admin ) Jack Lindwall, Harry Bath ( player & coach ) Elton Rasmussen would be candidates. Brian “Poppa” Clay Mark Coyne Reg...
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    malcolm Knox take a bow !!

    First top grade sport journo to call it !! ( the elephant in the room ) OPINION NRL 2020 A cherry on top would be a win for one of the emerging forces in this year's premiership. If the NRL's serendipitous season has a chink, it's a rather glaring one: the small matter of a credible...
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    6 Again

    I like the idea but some have reservations about the ruck with one ref but i think anything that will open up the game is worth it. Question : Will this benefit or hinder our side this season ?
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    Dragons cashed up

    According to Hooper anyhow. Who is jamie Sheppard ? The cashed-up St George Illawarra Dragons have stockpiled a $4 million war chest for 2021 as the Red V look to sharpen their roster for a premiership assault. The Dragons have 12 players in their top squad off-contract at the end of next...
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    Elephant in the boom

    Great article as he had to be carefull in how he put it out but obviously one writer is calling the mockery that is third party payments, jobs for life etc that the rorters are getting away with on a salary cap. *Sentences deleted* Malcolm Knox Sports columnist Send via Email Leave a comment...
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    Mundine's son

    George, worth keeping ? Other clubs are circling according to his manager i'd say !
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    The Parl's Pearler

    Amazing a very inexperienced "journo " like Steve Renouf is saying it like it without any agendas ! Very similar to Sowie and like him as a elite footballer in his time would know exactly what it is like for a coach to "lose the dressing room " Jesus i hope "the drums are beating " Twos clubs...
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    Read this Mary apologist's

    Good news Dragons fans! There will be no heart breaking late season fade this year that robs the Red V of a finals spot. Unfortunately the reality is far more sombre for St. George – Illawarra as 2019 has instead been a season long fade. While the last couple of seasons have seen precipitous...
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    Crawley's got a Mary Love mate !

    Nearly spewed when i read this.Who is this Mitch Jennings ? Mouthpiece apologist for the club obviously.Love it when he mentions the young player development and doesn't connect it to the coaching staff ! PAUL McGregor isn't about to be sacked. Club chief executive Brian Johnston went out of...
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    Lucky Fittler

    Can't believe the agenda that Paul Kent is waging against Freddy Fittler at present.Absolutely caned him on the 2nd game selections and when Freddie won and embarrassed him Kent refuses to apologize ( like Phil Rothfield & Ben Ikin did ) & justifies the win as lucky. Obviously he is News Ltd...
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    The Roar's take on things

    "Why on the planet did Paul McGregor get another two years? I get it. Running a footy club is a difficult business. There is lots to do, lots of people to keep happy and plenty of decisions which have to be made. But blind freddy could see Paul McGregor shouldn’t have been re-signed as early as...
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    Great story

    Well, what a great story and agree with a lot of sharkies supporters that this one should be promoted by the NRL. Great work by Mary ( shit coach by most likely a very decent person ) and it does put things in perspective. This is from the Sharkies forum. Hello all Sharky supporters . Well...
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    Alternative updates

    Havent seen the CC games of late.Can anybody who has give us an idea who deserves promotion ? Field looks like he has been playing well but Kerr remains a mystery to why he is not favored in place of Latimore.
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    OK who next to spend 500k on ?

    How would you spend the 500 to 700k we obviously have for player ( players ? ) recruitment ( or contract extensions ) for the 2019 squad ?
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    Speeding up the Game

    It appears that the drums are beating to speed the game up to introduce more fatigue ( eg lower interchange , reduce stoppages ) , which will benefit the smaller player. With that in mind how do you think the Dragons are positioned with their current roster ?

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