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  1. yobbo84

    John Sutton to retire at the end of 2019 First player to play 300 games for the Rabbitohs. Will finish his career in the top 10 most capped players of all time. Stuck with us when at the peak of his career we were an unprofessional joke. Lead us to that...
  2. yobbo84

    Fox Sports NRL Match Centre

    Has anyone checked out the new Fox Sports NRL Match Centre? Link to tonight's game: Looks really cool, it's updating super fast (the Slater try went it before I heard it on the 2GB live stream) and they...
  3. yobbo84

    [OT] Any .NET developers on here?

    I'm not sure where the right place to put this is, so mods feel free to move if required.. Is anyone on here a .NET developer (C# 3.5, ASP.NET, MSSQL, etc)? Do you have a keen love/knowledge of sport? Want a full time job/looking for a change? If all of the above, PM me!
  4. yobbo84

    2010 Memberships

    Back due to the overwhelming popularity of the 2009 Memberships thread! South Sydney 2010 Memberships went on sale at 12:00pm today. They are the same price as 2009, $300 (or $290 online) for a Ticketed Membership (aka Season Ticket Holder). Ticketed Members will receive: * Ten home games...
  5. yobbo84

    2009 Memberships

    South Sydney 2009 Memberships went on sale at 12:00pm today. The Red and Green Ticketed Membership is $290 and includes the following: Reserved Seat for The Charity Shield (Dragons) Reserved Seat for 10 Rabbitohs ANZ Stadium Home Games Reserved Seating Section for 1 Gosford Home Game (Knights)...
  6. yobbo84

    Asotasi Steps Up to Help Children's Charity

    Well done Roy :clap: Source:
  7. yobbo84

    The Sydney media is a blight on the Rugby League landscape

    "Never let the truth get in the way of a good yarn". I'm sure this must be the motto above the desk of every Rugby League "journalist" in Sydney. In what should be a celebration of our hundredth year, they would rather drag the game down to it's lowest ebb. It's a year where the average crowd...
  8. yobbo84

    Issac Luke

    A lot of players get trumpeted as the 'next big thing' in the media - some warranted, some not. Issac Luke has had a small bit of attention so far in his career, but not nearly as much as you'd expect after watching his career thus far. I know I'm biased, but dead set this kid is going to be a...
  9. yobbo84

    Australia to get live coverage of IPL

    Will be more interesting to see what 10 can do in terms of cricket coverage rather than the actual games themselves IMO.
  10. yobbo84

    Wake up and smell the prejudice

    Great article. Kinda puts things into perspective. Source:
  11. yobbo84

    Breaking News - Ponting quits as captain!

    [B] Sorry, just felt like entertaining myself.
  12. yobbo84

    Broncos Sign PJ Marsh

    Well that's one from left field! Source:,8659,22690629-23214,00.html?from=public_rss
  13. yobbo84

    1st Test - AUS v SL @ Gabba - Pick Your Side

    What XI would you like to see for Australia in the first test next month? Who will take the spots of Langer, McGrath and Warne? Has Mitchell Johnson done enough? Time for a recall for Bracken? SCG MacGill or another quick? Who will open? What will the new batting order be? Some very interesting...
  14. yobbo84

    Alan Wilson appointed as Rabbitohs U20s coach
  15. yobbo84

    A funny joke PM’s XIII announced Sharks utility Greg Bird has earned a headstart in the battle for the vacant Australian rugby league Test team five-eighth position with selection in the Prime Minister's XIII to play Papua New Guinea this month...
  16. yobbo84

    Plea to get Rabbitohs on the hop

    Source: Fortress Brookie hey? ;-)
  17. yobbo84

    Fa'alogo to plead not guilty

    Source: Wow. Going for a downgrading I'd understand, but not guilty? How can he be found not guilty of striking when he punched him in the head? Looks like he'll be getting 7 weeks.
  18. yobbo84

    Asotasi the Souths saviour

    Source:,22049,22334392-5006066,00.html Asotasi the Souths saviour NO ONE saw the shadowy figure lurking outside South Sydney Leagues Club. Well, certainly not Mark Rowan anyway. Walking briskly across Chalmers...
  19. yobbo84

    Jersey Flegg tonight postponed

    Source: Jersey Flegg Game Postponed Tonight The Jersey Flegg match between the South...
  20. yobbo84

    Marketing people are smart 'I love Dean Widders' T-shirts Available Online Now SSFC Merchandise Outlets now...

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